Recover messages on an Android phone

Backup & Restore: This feature is currently unavailable in Droid Transfer, due to changes in Google's Play Store policies.

Messages are one of the most precious types of data on a phone. Depending on the device, a user could have thousands and thousands of messages in conversations with loads of different contacts. Just imagine losing all this data if a software update goes wrong, or if you accidentally delete a conversation.

This can be easily overcome by regularly backing up your messages to your computer. That way, if anything should happen to the device, you can restore them to the same device, or to a new phone!


Restoring messages is easy with Droid Transfer. Let's see how we restore messages to an Android device...

  1. Download Droid Transfer and connect your Android device. You can connect using a WiFi or a USB connection.
  2. Hit the "Messages" tab from the feature list.
  3. Click "Backup & Restore".
  4. If you have already backed up your messages with Droid Transfer, click "Restore".
  5. Select the file you would like to restore from, and click "Open".
  6. On your phone, follow the on-screen prompts to temporarily switch your default messaging app to complete the process.
  7. In Droid Transfer, choose which conversations to restore!
Recover messages from android phone

Creating a backup of your Android phone messages

Droid Transfer allows you to create backups quickly and easily. Once your phone is connected to the program, open the "Messages" feature, and click "Backup & Restore".

Then, click "Backup" and choose whether to backup all conversations or selected conversations. When choosing selected conversations, all contacts with a tick next to their name will be backup up. Untick contacts to remove them from the backup list.

When you have chosen what to back up, hit the "Backup" button. Droid Transfer will now back up your chosen conversations and produce a '.mbf' file for you. This file is encrypted for your security, so you will not be able to view its contents.

Check out our previous page if you instead wish to save messages to your PC in readable formats.

Restore Messages to Android

Restoring messages to an Android phone

If you have created a backup of your android messages using Droid Transfer, you can restore these messages to a device.

To restore a backup to a phone, click "Backup & Restore" in the Droid Transfer "Messages" tab. Then click "Restore".

You will be prompted to select the backup file that you wish to restore to your device. Click "Open" once you have made your selection.

On your phone, follow the on-screen prompts to temporarily change your default messaging app for this service. Your default app will revert automatically when the process is complete, and you will not experience any disruption in receiving messages.

In Droid Transfer on your PC, you will now be able to choose which, if not all, conversations from the backup to restore to your device.

Restore Messages to Android

Duplicating or Overwriting data?

When restoring messages to your phone, you can rest easy knowing that Droid Transfer will not duplicate or overwrite data. Droid Transfer ensures that only the gaps are filled in, and if a message or conversation exists already, it will not be duplicated.

Additionally, when restoring a message conversation from a contact which does not yet exist on the device you are restoring to, Droid Transfer will intelligently add the contact to your contacts.

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