Droid Transfer
Backup Android Phone Messages, Contacts, Music and More to your PC
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Getting Started

To transfer Messages, Music and other files between your Android Phone and your PC you need to install Droid Transfer onto your PC and Transfer Companion on your Android device.

Transfer Companion and Droid Transfer communicate with each other over your local network or a USB cable, so that your phone content can be copied securely.

Download Transfer Companion to your Android phone or tablet from the Google Play Store.

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Download Droid Transfer for your Windows PC:

Download Droid Transfer

Choose How to Connect

You can either connect Droid Transfer and Transfer Companion over your local Wi-Fi Network or with a USB cable.

Click one of the buttons to see how to connect your Android Phone with Droid Transfer...

See it in Action!

A quick video showing you how to set up Droid Transfer and copy text messages to your PC...

Tips to Stay Connected

To keep the communications running effectively between your PC and your Android device, keep your Android device turned on and keep the Transfer Companion App running in the foreground - don't swap to another app.

Unable to connect?

Please see our Wi-Fi Connection Troubleshooting guide, or the USB Connection Troubleshooting guide with tips on what to do if you're struggling to connect your phone and your PC and how to ensure that a stable connection is maintained.

If neither a Wi-Fi or a USB connection is working for you, this might be a Windows Firewall configuration error. Please see our instructions on how to configure Windows Firewall to allow Droid Transfer to connect to your phone.

Need Help?

If you need more help connecting your Android device to Droid Transfer - please contact our support team who will be happy to help.