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Troubleshooting Droid Transfer WiFi Connection

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Troubleshooting Droid Transfer WiFi Connection

For most users, connecting your phone and your PC over Wi-Fi can be done simply by scanning the QR code in Droid Transfer with the Transfer Companion app on your phone, as detailed in our Droid Transfer quick-start guide.

If you're having difficulties with this connection, and to ensure that a stable connection is maintained, please go through the troubleshooting steps below.

How to Fix a Failed Connection to Droid Transfer

  1. While using Droid Transfer make sure your phone remains on, and the Transfer Companion app is visible on your phone's screen - don't return to your home-screen or switch to another app.
  2. To connect your phone and your PC over Wi-Fi, your mobile needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your computer is on.
    To check if your phone and PC are on the same Wi-Fi, make sure that your phone's IP address matches the IP address of your PC (An IP address has 4 parts, separated by a period. If the two devices are on the same network, the first 3 parts of their IP addresses will match).
    • Your PC's IP address will be displayed under the QR code in Droid Transfer.
    • Your phone's IP address is displayed under the version number in the Transfer Companion app.
    Droid Transfer WiFi connection IP address location
    Please note: If you are using a VPN on any of your devices, you will need to turn it off as VPNs change the IP Address for your device.
  3. If your PC has multiple internet connections, e.g. WiFi and ethernet, choose the IP address under the QR code that matches your phone's IP address by clicking on it as shown below.
    Droid Transfer WiFi connection IP address selection
  4. Check that your Windows Firewall is configured correctly. Please see the instructions on how to configure Windows Firewall to allow Droid Transfer to connect to your phone.
  5. Disable mobile data on your Android device while using Droid Transfer, as having mobile data enabled has occasionally prevented your phone and your PC from connecting. Mobile data can be re-enabled after disconnecting from Droid Transfer.
  6. Some connection issues can also be resolved by restarting your PC after installing Droid Transfer.
  7. Additionally, please try restarting Transfer Companion on the phone, i.e. go to the phone task manager and swipe up to close Transfer Companion then start it again.
  8. Check you are using the latest version of both Droid transfer AND Transfer Companion.
    This can be checked by going to Settings -> Updates from within the software. You can update to the latest version of Droid Transfer here.
    The latest version of Transfer Companion is available from the Google Play Store.
  9. If, after following the above steps wireless connection is still not working, please try and connect your device using a USB connection instead.
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