Transfer Music, Photos, Messages, Contacts and much more from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer or iTunes.

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Transfer Messages

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Android File Transfer

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transfer photos and images from your iPhone or Android phone to your computer

Manage your photos

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About Wide Angle Software

Here at Wide Angle Software we believe that programs should be easy to use, look good, and most of all should provide a great experience for you, the consumer.

We specialize in media management software and applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and have been developing software and supporting our customers all over the world for more than 12 years! In particular, our solutions for backup and retrieval of lost or deleted iPhone and Android phone music, photos, messages and other media have been highly rated and sought after.

All our apps offer either free demo trials or can be downloaded and used completely free. For a complete list of our software, please visit our products page.

We take pride in having a friendly customer support team, who are always happy to answer any of your questions, or provide help with any of our software and apps.

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