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Backup Android Phone Messages, Contacts, Music and More to your PC
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Also available from the Microsoft App Store
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Transfer Companion vs Droid Transfer Features

Transfer Companion for Android can be used on its own for some features. For a full set of Android management features, you'll need to use Droid Transfer on PC in conjunction with Transfer Companion on your Android.

Transfer Companion Droid Transfer
Features Free Upgrade Free Full
Export Messages First 4 messages in conversations First 5 messages in conversations
Messages Backup & Restore
Print Messages
Copy Call Logs
Transfer Calendar
Delete Music
Copy Music to PC 100 Copies*
Add Music to Android 100 Copies*
Sync Music with iTunes 100 Copies*
Export Photos 100 Copies*
Add Photos 100 Copies*
Export Contacts
Transfer Files

* The 100 copy limit is shared between copying music and photos. For example, you could copy 50 songs, and 50 photos from Android to PC.

You can purchase the upgrade for Transfer Companion in-app from your Android device.

To purchase the full version of Droid Transfer for PC, click here.

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