Wirelessly share files between your Android Phone and your PC

As well as enabling you to copy music, messages and more from your Android device to your computer, Droid Transfer also provides the ability to manage all files on the device via your PC. In this way, you can browse, copy, move and delete files and folders from your Android device, and add files from your computer to the device. You can even share your Android's clipboard with your PC!

You can transfer files between PC and Android using Wi-Fi or USB cable.

If you're looking to share and manage files on iPhone instead, we recommend using our TouchCopy software instead.

How to transfer a file from PC to Android using Wi-Fi

  1. Download Droid Transfer on your PC and Transfer Companion on your Android device.
  2. Connect your phone and your PC over a Wi-Fi or a USB connection.
  3. Open the "Files" tab from the feature list.
  4. Choose a location in the directory (e.g. 'sdcard').
  5. Click "Add from PC" then choose either "Add Files" or "Add Folders".
  6. Select the file you would like to add from your computer to your phone and click "Open" or "Select folder"!
Share files between your Android Phone and your PC

Some folders/locations on your Android device contain system files and are "read-only" locations. This means that it is not possible to add and delete files or folders from such a location.

Wireless copying of files from Android to PC

Backing up your Android files to your computer is easy. Simply select files and/or folders from the directory in the "Files" tab and click "Save to PC". Choose a save location on the computer and confirm the save!

To save multiple files from your phone to your PC at once, hold down the SHIFT key and use your mouse to choose the files you wish to copy. If you wish to copy all your files from your Android phone to your PC, use the usual CTRL+A keyboard option to select all files and folders, and click on "Save to PC" in Droid Transfer.

Transfer files from Android to PC

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Share files and folders from PC to Android using Wi-Fi

Droid Transfer also allows you to add files and folders from your computer to your Android device. To copy a whole folder from your PC to your Android device, simply click on the "Add folder" button in Droid Transfer and select a folder on your PC that you wish to copy to your phone.

You can also copy a single file from your PC to your Android. To do this, select a location in the Android directory in Droid Transfer, then click "Add File". Choose the file that you would like to copy to your Android device and confirm the copy!

Add files from PC to Android

Manage and delete Android files from your PC

In addition to sharing files between PC and Android, Droid Transfer also allows you to manage and delete files on your Android device. Please be advised that some Android system folders do not allow any editing.

  • Navigate through the directory by double-clicking folders to view their contents.
  • Create new folders.
  • Delete folders and files.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you're having issues with connecting your Android device to your PC or viewing your files, please see our articles below:

To contact us if your need any further help, or to download free Droid Transfer updates see our support pages.