Wirelessly copy messages, music and more from your Android Phone to your PC.
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Save Text Messages from your Android phone to your computer.

  • Backup Android SMS to PC
  • Save Messages as PDF
  • Print Text Messages
  • Manage and Transfer your Music
  • Copy and Delete Android Photos
  • Export Contacts and Calendars.
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    Compatible with Microsoft
    Windows 7 and higher.
    Download Size 27MB

    Wirelessly manage your Android Phone through your PC. Droid Transfer allows you to save and print your messages, sync your iTunes to your Android phone and much more.

    Save and Print Messages on your Android Phone.

    Droid Transfer is a Windows application which works alongside a free Transfer Companion app for Android, allowing you to transfer SMS and MMS Messages from your Android Phone to your PC. You can save your phone messages in a variety of file formats, including PDF, HTML or Text. Droid Transfer also saves any photos, emojis and videos in your messages, as well as dates and times they were received.

    Alternatively, Print a copy of your Android Phone Messages directly from Droid Transfer running on your PC.

    Backup your Android Phone Contacts and Calendars, as well as export them directly to Microsoft Outlook.


    Play, Manage and Copy your Android Music Library.

    Use Droid Transfer to copy music from your Android Phone to your Computer.

    Add music to your Android device from your PC. You can also transfer music from your iTunes library to your Android phone using Droid Transfer.

    Sync iTunes with your Android device. Perfect if your moving from an iPhone to an Android Phone and want to retain your mobile music library! More Details

    View your music collection stored on your Android Phone and wirelessly stream it through your PC.

    Droid Transfer has a rich, modern user interface to let you browse and play the music content stored on your Android Device with ease.


    Droid Transfer works alongside a free Android Application, Transfer Companion, enabling you to manage and transfer content on your Android device through your local WiFi network. Transfer Companion is a free App available for download from the Google Play App Store.

    For instructions on setting up Droid Transfer, please see our Quick Start Guide.

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