Backup Calendar from Android to PC

Having a Calendar on your phone is great. You can keep up to date with all of the tasks you have to do each day, and quickly update it. You can even have shared calendars to keep a group of people up to date with events. Droid Transfer allows you to backup Android calendars to your PC for safekeeping or transfer them directly into Outlook - from Outlook you can even access them on a new phone!

Visit our TouchCopy page if you need to export iPhone calendars instead.


Let's see how we can backup a calendar from Android...

  1. Download Droid Transfer and connect your Android device (Set up Droid Transfer)
  2. Open the "Calendar" tab from the feature list.
  3. Click "Copy Calendars...".
  4. Choose to either:
    • "Copy as iCal": Save your calendar as an iCal file to your PC. You can import an iCal file into most calendar management apps!
    • "Copy to Outlook": Save your Android calendar directly to Outlook on your PC.
Backup Calendar from Android to PC

Detailed Information

In Droid Transfer, you can explore your Android calendar by switching between month / week / day view in the toolbar at the top of the program window.

To save the calendar to your computer, simply hit "Copy Calendars", and choose to either save as iCal or copy directly to Outlook.

Copying as iCal is great for backing up calendars for safekeeping on your PC, but it also perfect to import your calendars into other calendar management apps like Google Calendars, Apple Calendars or Microsoft Outlook.

If you want to transfer your Android calendar into Outlook, and don't need a copy of your calendar saved on the PC, you can simply copy directly into Outlook using the "Copy to Outlook" button in Droid Transfer.

If you've saved your calendar as iCal on your PC and you wish to import it into Outlook, read on...

Importing a Calendar to Outlook

Once you have copied your Android calendar to your computer, you can import it into your calendar manager of choice. Here's how to import into Outlook:

Open Outlook on your computer and go to File > Open & Export > Import/Export > "Import an iCalendar or vCalendar file". Then press "Next".

Choose the calendar file that you saved with Droid Transfer. You may need to change the file type dropdown box to "iCalendar format" if it is not already.

Import Android Calendar into Outlook

Viewing Outlook Calendars on Android

Accessing Outlook calendars on another Android device isn't as simple as on iPhone. iTunes lets you sync Outlook calendars easily with an iPhone.

For Android, you will need to download and install the free Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play Store. When setting up this app, it will ask you to add accounts. Add the accounts that you want to be able to access on your Android device, and you will be able to access the calendars!

Viewing Outlook Calendars on iPhone

Check out our support article here: Sync Outlook Calendars with iPhone.