Transfer and Manage your Android Phone Contacts

With Droid Transfer, you can back up your Android phone contacts to your PC and restore them to your new device. Droid Transfer is a powerful contact manager that also allows you to add, edit and delete contacts, copy them to your PC, as well as straight to Windows Contacts or Outlook. This guide also provides info on how to transfer contacts to your new Android or iPhone!

Quick Start: How to Transfer Android Phone Contacts to PC

  1. Download Droid Transfer and connect your Android device (Set up Droid Transfer).
  2. Hit the "Contacts" tab from the feature list.
  3. Click "Save as VCard" or "Save as CSV".
  4. Select where on your computer to save the contacts to.
Transfer contacts from Android phone

Detailed Information

Following the steps above is a great quick way to back up your contacts from your Android phone to PC.

As you can see, if you don't select any individual contacts, Droid Transfer will copy the entire list to your PC. If you only want to transfer certain contacts, you can select them by ctrl-clicking them.

Droid Transfer offers 2 contact export types:

  • Save as vCard - separate vCard files will be saved to your PC. These files can be used in all popular contact management apps, including Windows Contacts and Outlook.
  • Save as CSV - a "Comma Separated Value" file will be saved to your PC containing information about your selected contacts. CSVs can be opened in spreadsheet management apps such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

See it in Action...

Backup and Restore Contacts on Android

Need an easy way to backup and restore Android contacts? You can do this in a couple of clicks with Droid Transfer. Go ahead and click "Backup & Restore".

Backup - Choose "Backup Contacts to PC" in the dialogue box to create a file containing the contacts on your Android device. You can choose to backup all contacts, or select which ones you want to back up.

Restore - Using the backup file created above, you can restore your contacts to your current device, or to a new Android device.

This is incredibly useful for transferring contacts from an old phone to a new one, or if something should happen to your phone which causes it to lose all of its contacts.

Backup and Restore Contacts Android

Adding Contacts to Your Android Phone

Droid Transfer allows you to import contacts from your PC to your Android device.

Add Contacts to Device - Using this button, you can add any vCard files or CSV files from your computer to your Android device. Simply locate the file/s containing contacts on your computer, and Droid Transfer will add them to your device!

Drag-and-Drop - If more convenient, you can also drag your VCard or CSV contact files from your PC into the Droid Transfer Contact window!

On the following screen, you can confirm which contacts you want to add to your device, then click "Add to Device".

Adding contacts from PC to Android

Delete Android Contacts

It may be that you want to transfer all your contacts from Android to PC as seen in the steps above and then delete them from your phone to save space. Or you may just want to delete certain contacts that you don't need anymore.

To delete contacts from your Android device using Droid Transfer on your PC, simply select a contact, or multiple contacts (by ctrl-clicking them), then click "Delete Selection". Droid Transfer will ask for confirmation before the deletion of contacts from your Android.

Importing Android Contacts on iPhone

If you'd like to copy your Android contacts to an iPhone, you'll need to save them as VCard to your PC. For this, ensure that you save the VCards to your Windows Contacts folder (Users > {your username} > Contacts).

Then, open iTunes and connect your iPhone.

Click the device icon that appears when your iPhone is found by iTunes

iTunes device

Now, in your device menu on the left of iTunes, click the "Info" header.

You guessed it - tick "Sync Contacts with", and choose "Windows Contacts" in the dropdown box. This will direct iTunes to the contacts that you backed up on your computer.

To start the transfer, click "Apply"!

Importing Android Contacts on iPhone

Please note that if you're switching to an iPhone, our TouchCopy software can help you backup and transfer iPhone contacts, music, messages and much more.

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