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Update to the latest version of Droid Transfer (Windows)

The latest version of Droid Transfer PC is 1.56

You will not need to re-enter your activation code if you're re-installing the software on the same computer.

First please uninstall any old versions of Droid Transfer from your system. Then...

  1. Go to Windows Control Panel and choose “Uninstall a Program”.
  2. Select Droid Transfer from the list and click Uninstall.
  3. Download and install the latest version of Droid Transfer from the link below.

Download Droid Transfer for Windows

Forgot Your Activation Code?

If you cannot remember your Droid Transfer activation code, you can look it up on our system based on your email address.

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What's new in Droid Transfer?

We've been busy! Check out the changelog below to see the main changes we have made in the most recent updates to Droid Transfer.

Droid Transfer 1.56 9th May 2022

Improvements Add support for newer call log types.

Improvements Add ability to rename photos based on date.

Improvements Improve performance if photos in the RAW (.dng) format.

Improvements Fixed layout so Photos export buttons would be visible if resolution is lower than minimum window size.

Fixed Fixed error where message export to PDF could fail when running in non-English language.

Fixed Fixed program closing when trying to load Artist images.

Fixed Fixed layout so Photos export buttons would be visible if resolution is lower than minimum window size.

Droid Transfer 1.55 28th Feburary 2022

Improvements Group New Photos display based on user preferences..

Improvements Added ability to exlude images when exporting or printing messages.

Improvements Messages can be exported to PDF with Japanese or Chinese character sets.

Fixed Fix Album count in artist header.

Fixed Prevent app close if exporting unsuported Emoji in Messages to PDF documents.

Fixed Fix problem where unsupported Emoji was used in Message file name when saving Messages.

Droid Transfer 1.54 1st November 2021

Improvements Improve network detection.

Improvements Improve Contact copying to Android Device.

Improvements Alter SD Card detection behavior

Improvements Added Hindi and Croatian languages.

Improvements MS Store Version allows user to configure language manually.

Droid Transfer 1.53 27th September 2021

Fixed Product stability.

Droid Transfer 1.52 1st July 2021

Fixed Calendar view shows all days of the week in Week view.

Fixed Correctly display recurring events in Calendar views.

Feature App feature no longer available for device running Android 11 or higher.

Improvements Improved connectivity speed for WiFi connections.

Droid Transfer 1.51 25th May 2021

Feature Now offers the ability to combine multiple call logs into a single CSV export.

Improvements Improvements to the Messages section including performance when loading long message conversations, and better-looking PDF exports. Also other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Droid Transfer 1.50 3rd March 2021

Improvements Minor enhancements and bug fixes. Improved the stability of licence activations.

Droid Transfer 1.49 11th January 2021

Feature Released localization support for Japanese language.

Bug Fix Fixed a connection issue which affected a minority of users.

Droid Transfer 1.48 20th November 2020

Improvements User experience updates for Messages, Photos and Files sections.

Fixed Minor bug fix for saving contacts.

Droid Transfer 1.47 13th July 2020

Improvements Behind the scenes performance updates.

Feature Added the ability to copy Contact groups.