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Backup Android Phone Messages, Contacts, Music and More to your PC
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Version 24.06.14 Available

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Droid Transfer Releases

We've been busy! Explore the changelog below to see the main changes we have made in the most recent Droid Transfer versions.

Droid Transfer 24.06.14 17th June 2024

Enhancements Bug fixes and minor updates

Droid Transfer 2 (Major New Version) 28th May 2024

Feature Droid Transfer 2 now features a refined and modern Windows 10 / 11 interface.

Feature Add support for export of Android device content to external storage.

Enhancements Significant performance updates including improved WiFi connections and faster loading of Android messages, call logs, photos, and other data.

Droid Transfer 1.67 29th February 2024

Enhancements Improved USB connectivity

Enhancements Improvements in Contacts selection for Contacts backup feature.

Fixes Preserve contact groups when backing up and restoring contacts.

Fixes Fix issue with iTunes Sync button not showing under some conditions.

Droid Transfer 1.66 10th October 2023

Fixes Fix error where Transfer Companion would not launch when connecting with Cable.

Fixes Fix out of memory issues when copying large video files.

Fixes Fix Incoming messages not being exported to PDF, Text etc.

Enhancements Files feature now allows a number of copies while in demo mode.

Enhancements Highlight images that are RAW format in Photos browsers.

Droid Transfer 1.65 5th July 2023

Enhancements Improvements in WiFi connectivity.