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Unable to download Droid Transfer, insufficient permissions

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Droid Transfer Verified

If you're having issues with downloading Droid Transfer due to insufficient permissions, please try this direct download link...

It may also help if you change the download location. Try saving the file on your desktop instead of the default download folder. To do so, please right-click on the download link and choose the the Save As option, which lets you choose a different download location for your file.

If you get this error again, please cancel the download and try again using a different browser. It may also be helpful to run the browser in a new private or incognito window. This allows you to get rid of any redundant scripts that may be interfering with your download. 

Another thing to try is to clear your cache and disable your extensions.  Your browser extensions could be blocking the download. 

If your problem persists, please contact our support team and we'll assist you. Please let us know which browser are you using and the details of the error message you were getting.

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