Droid Transfer does not display all of my Messages

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Droid Transfer does not display all of my Messages

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Droid Transfer does not display all of my Messages


When using Droid Transfer, if only your received messages are displayed (and not your sent messages), it is likely that you are using Advanced Messaging (or RCS Format) messages. Droid Transfer does not currently have support for this type of messaging, so they are not displayed.

You can confirm this by going to the Messages App on your phone and long pressing a sent message to display the message properties. The message type may display “Advanced Message” or “RCS” message.

This is particularly possible if you are based in the US and you use AT&T or Sprint as your mobile service provider.

It is possible to turn of Advanced Messages in devices settings / options, however please note that changing this option will not convert your existing RCS messages into standard SMS / MMS messages.

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Cindie Schenk wrote...
I need to be able to print specific text messages... The 3 messages names that i need do not appear on the list. We have spent over 4 hrs reviewing and trying to figure this out. Please provide your assistance asap.
Thank you,
Greg and Cindie
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Cindie Schenk Please view the response on your latest support ticket for further assistance with this issue.