Droid Transfer does not display all of my Messages

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Droid Transfer does not display all of my Messages

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Droid Transfer does not display all of my Messages


When using Droid Transfer, if some of your messages are not displaying, it could be that you are using Advanced Messaging messages. Droid Transfer supports standard RCS (Rich Communication Services) messages, but does not currently support network specific extensions to this type of messaging like AT&T's Advanced Messaging. For this reason, Advanced Messages will not be displayed in, or copied with, Droid Transfer.

You can confirm the type of message by going to the Messages App on your phone and long pressing a sent message to display the message properties. The message type may display "Advanced Message".

This is particularly possible if you are based in the US and you use AT&T as your mobile service provider.

What is Advanced Messaging?

AT&T's version of Advanced Messaging is attempting to make a richer messaging experience on mobile. It is based upon RCS messaging, but does not have the same level of support yet.

Advanced Messaging allow you to send higher quality photos, longer videos and up to 10MB files. Also see when your messages are delivered, when they're read, and when your contact is responding to you.

Droid Transfer supports SMS, MMS and standard use of RCS.

What can I do?

It is possible to turn of Advanced Messages in devices settings / options, however please note that changing this option will not convert your existing Advanced Messages into standard SMS / MMS messages.

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