How to Save Safari and Chrome History from iPhone

What TouchCopy can do with your Internet History

Please be advised that the viewing and copying of Safari History is currently not available in the Mac version of TouchCopy.

TouchCopy lets you browse through your iOS device's Internet History, and allows you to save these pages as links or to open them in your preferred browser. You can export your internet history from both Safari and Google Chrome browsers using TouchCopy, as well as save your iPhone Bookmarks.

To view the Internet data stored on your iOS device, click the Internet section in TouchCopy.

Quick Guide: Export Your Internet History

Step 1: Download and install TouchCopy.

Step 2: Run TouchCopy and connect your iOS device.

Step 3: Click on Internet section in TouchCopy.

Step 3: Choose the History tab.

Step 4: Open the Safari folder and select the history you would like to save.

Step 5: Hit "Save Shortcut" to save as .url files, or "Save to CSV" to save as a spreadsheet in your specified location.

How to save internet history on iPhone

Detailed Descriptions of the steps can be found below.

Displaying and Browsing your Internet Data

TouchCopy displays all the internet browsing History from both the Safari and Chrome apps on your iPhone. Clicking on a website in the list displays the website on the right side of the window, if your computer is connected to the internet.

You can switch between Bookmarks and History by clicking the tabs with the same name over the list.

Saving and Opening websites

Select which website you want to access, then hit "Open in Browser" to open it on your operating system's preferred web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc).

  • Save Shortcut - Save a selected webpage from your internet history as a shortcut on your computer. Opening the saved shortcut file on your computer will open the webpage in your default browser.
  • Save to CSV - You can even save your internet history as a CSV file. You can open a CSV in a spreadsheet manager like Microsoft Excel. This is a great option for people who need to keep track of browsing history. You can select multiple items or folders in your internet history tab by holding 'ctrl' (PC) or 'cmd' (Mac) on your keyboard while clicking multiple items. Once your desired items are highlighted, you can go ahead and hit "Save to CSV".
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