How to Customise TouchCopy with options

How to customise TouchCopy

TouchCopy provides a large amount of flexibility in its operation. Use TouchCopy Options to customise TouchCopy to your needs.

PC - TouchCopy Options are displayed by clicking "Options" in the TouchCopy toolbar.

Mac - TouchCopy Options can be accessed after you have connected your device with TouchCopy. You can then click "Preferences" in the toolbar on the left of TouchCopy.

The Tabs in the Options/Preferences window separate the areas of functionality to be modified.


TouchCopy options

In this tab, you can select from a few general options, such as displaying a confirmation message when a copy is complete, whether you would like TouchCopy to eject iPods on closing the TouchCopy application, and also what media section to load when TouchCopy starts up (the default is the Music section).

You'll also find a language selection on this tab - to change the language of the software, choose your preferred language from the dropdown box. You'll need to close and reopen TouchCopy for this change to take effect.

Copy To PC/Mac Options

These options relate to copying content from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer hard drive. The settings shown here do not affect the way content is transferred into iTunes (or the Music app on macOS Catalina and higher). They include:

Setting the folder to which your device's content should be saved to; deciding whether TouchCopy should Copy and Replace existing files with the same name and deciding how the files and folder should be named.

TouchCopy Copy options

Music Options

  • General Music Options: Choose whether to display Album artwork and genres; and whether to save the album artwork image when saving a music file. There is also the option here to save search results as a playlist.
  • Folder Structure: Specify the folder structure you wish to use when copying music to your computer. You can also choose to transfer just the songs with no folder structure, by changing all 3 folder structure options to blanks.
  • File Name Structure: Specify the file name structure you wish to use when copying music to your computer.
  • Mac only: You can even specify a playback volume for copied tracks.
TouchCopy Music options

Photo Options

  • Export Options:
    • "Photos Export" Folder Location: Browse your computer for a folder where you would like to store your photos. Using the "Export Photos" feature will then search this folder to determine whether there are photos on your iPhone which are not yet in the selected folder.
    • Group Photos By Date: When viewing your iPhone photos in TouchCopy, you can choose to group your photos by Year, Month or Day using this option.
    • Further preferences are available to automatically check for new photos when you connect your iPhone to TouchCopy; include videos in an export; and to display (or not) export options each time you export.
  • HEIC Export Options: Choose how you would like TouchCopy to handle copying HEIC formatted photos to your computer. This feature is available on Windows only (Mac natively supports HEIC photos).
    • TouchCopy will automatically convert your HEIC images, if you tick the "Automatically convert HEIC formatted images to JPEG" checkbox.
    • You can convert the image and "Include original HEIC image file in export" by selecting this checkbox.
    • If you do not wish to convert your HEIC images when copying to your PC, uncheck both boxes under HEIC Export Options.
TouchCopy Photos options

Messages Options

  • Limit Options: TouchCopy will display all messages in a conversation by default. This option allows you to show only messages sent and received in a specific time frame.
  • Contacts: Here you can set how you would like TouchCopy to order your messages, and whether to include contact details like phone number and image in the export.
  • HEIC Export Options: Similar options as seen in the "Photos" section, however options set here will apply only to images copied as part of a message thread, or from the Messages section in TouchCopy.
  • Format Options: Change the font size of the message export. Also, using Compact Layout is handy for users who need to print out lots of messages - this layout removes white space so you can get more messages on each page of a print-out.
  • Search Options: Enabling "Only show messages matching search term" means that when you make a search in Messages, rather than returning all messages of conversations which contain the search term, TouchCopy will only return the messages which contain the search term within them.
TouchCopy Messages options

Call Logs Options

  • Contacts: Choose to show contact numbers in your call history exports. Here you can also enable merging of multiple contacts in a single export file, rather than creating a separate file for each contact's call log.
  • Limit Options: If you only need to export your call history for a certain time period, you can set limits here to filter out any call entries which fall outside of your desired date range.

PC only: Sort Call Logs in the preview by Name or Last Updated.

TouchCopy Call Log options

Contacts Options

Here you can choose whether to sort your contact list by order of Last Name or First Name (this option can be found in the "Messages" section for Mac users).

Voice Mail Options

Decide whether or not to include date and time in the file name of the exported file.


Clicking this tab will automatically check for any available updates for TouchCopy. If an update is found, you will be directed to download the update.

About TouchCopy

In this section, details are displayed about what version of TouchCopy is running, as well as a link to the Wide Angle Software website.

On Mac, you can access this information by clicking "TouchCopy" in the toolbar at the top of your screen, then clicking "About TouchCopy".

Activation Details

To find your activation details in TouchCopy for Mac, click "License" in the toolbar on the left of the TouchCopy window. You can also deactivate TouchCopy from here.

This tab provides users information about their specific activation details. TouchCopy activation code, registered email, activation date and expiration date are displayed for the user's convenience.

If you have not yet activated your software, this tab will enable you to enter your activation code and create a password. Once these details have been entered, the user will have access to the full, unrestricted version of TouchCopy.

This section also offers a "Deactivate" button. Clicking this will allow the user to remove their licence from the computer. This is handy if you wish to activate the licence on a different computer instead. To deactivate a computer, the activation password set by the user will be required.

TouchCopy Activation options

Manage Backups (Mac only)

TouchCopy must create and read from a backup on your computer in order to access information like Messages and Contacts.

Using the Backups Preferences, you can manage your device backups by way of deleting ones you don't need. To do this, select a backup from the list, and click "Delete".

You can enable "Automatically delete backups upon disconnecting device" to ensure that a backup created by TouchCopy is deleted when you are finished using the app. This can help keep space free on your Mac.

On the Backups pane, you can also choose the location on your Mac where you'd like TouchCopy to create backups to and read backups from. Depending on which location you chose, you may be prompted to grant permissions for TouchCopy to access the location.

TouchCopy Backup options
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