Print Text Messages iPhone - SMS, MMS, iMessage & WhatsApp

How to print iPhone messages

Quick Guide

Step 1: Download, install and activate TouchCopy16.

Step 2: Run TouchCopy 16 and connect your iPhone.

Step 3: On the "Messages" tab, select the messages you'd like to print.

Step 4: Press "Print" and your standard print settings will appear. Once happy, press "Print".

Print Text Messages iPhone

Detailed Descriptions of the steps can be found below.

Which messages can I print?

Print Text Messages iPhone - You can directly print out any of your SMS, MMS, iMessage or WhatsApp messages from within TouchCopy by simply selecting the desired message, and then clicking the "Print" button in the TouchCopy control bar. From here your standard print settings page will open for you to print the required message. TouchCopy will print your message in the same format that they are displayed on your iOS device.

Viewing your Messages

how to print a text message from an iphone To view SMS, MMS, iMessages and WhatsApp conversations on your iOS device, click the Messages icon in the category list in TouchCopy.

TouchCopy displays a list of contacts with whom you've had SMS & iMessage conversations. Clicking on the contact in the list shows the text (SMS), multimedia (MMS) and iMessages sent and received in that conversation. You can also search your contact list by name to display all messages by a particular contact.

Your WhatsApp messaging contacts and conversations are displayed under your SMS contact list.

You can filter your messages using the "Apply Date Range" button. Setting a date range will only return messages marked within the range specified. You can cancel this filter by using the "Clear Date Range" button.

Group Messages

Cleverly, TouchCopy even treats and organizes group messages, so they retain that format. Your group messages are displayed and copied by TouchCopy as they are displayed on your iPhone.

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