How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer


The Voice Memos app on iPhone is a little gem that is often overlooked.

You can use it to easily record anything from lectures, reminders, interviews and meetings. Simply set it off to record and listen back at any time.

If you use this app a lot, you'll start to amass a long list of memos. Without any means of organising or sorting these memos, they quickly become unmanageable. For this reason, we recommend transferring the voice memos off your iPhone and onto your computer.

The best way to do this is by using TouchCopy. With TouchCopy, you can easily copy your voice memos from iPhone to your PC and organise them nicely into folders for easy access in the future!

Watch our video on how to save iPhone Voice Memos to computer, or read on for our guide:

How to backup iPhone Voice Memos

  1. Download, install and activate TouchCopy.
  2. Run TouchCopy and connect your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.
  3. Choose Voice Memos from the feature list.
  4. Select the voice memos you wish to copy.
  5. Hit 'Save to PC' or 'Copy to Mac' and choose where to save to.
Transferring Voice Memos from iPhone to PC with TouchCopy

Detailed descriptions of the steps can be found below.

What TouchCopy can do with your Voice Memos

This feature is available for iPhones, iPads and iPods that support voice memo recording.

If your device supports the recording of Voice Memos (or Voice Notes), TouchCopy can play and copy those recordings from your device. To access them, click the "Voice Memos" feature from the list in TouchCopy.

If you have organised your memos into folders on your device, clicking one of these folders in TouchCopy will show all the memos within that folder.

Filter Voice Memos: You can filter your voice memos in TouchCopy by using the "Filter Dates" (PC) or "Date Range" (Mac) button. Select 2 dates to only see the voice memos created in that time.

Search Voice Memos: Enter some text in the search bar to search for a particular voice memo or folder on your device.

Play Voice Memos: Select the Voice Memo you wish to listen to through your computer and click the play button next to a voice memo to play it.

How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer

Select the voice memo you wish to copy to your computer and click the "Save to PC" or "Copy to Mac" button in the TouchCopy control bar. TouchCopy will copy your voice memos to a location chosen by you on your computer - you can take this opportunity to create a new folder for your selected voice memos.

Publisher: Wide Angle Software