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Browse your iPod, iPhone or iPad Content

How to browse music using TouchCopy

Quick Guide:

Step 1: Download, install and activate TouchCopy.

Step 2: Run TouchCopy and connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Step 3: Click to open the Music section from the menu on the left of TouchCopy

Step 4: You can now look through all your device's songs, albums and playlists.

Step 5: You can search for specific items by entering the name of the item in the search bar in the top right corner, and hitting Enter (Return).

Search iPod Content in TouchCopy

Detailed Descriptions of the steps can be found below.

Browsing Content - Additional Detail

TouchCopy allows you to browse the contents of your iPod, iPhone or iPad with ease.

You can navigate your way around your iPod content in a similar way you would with iTunes or the Music app (on macOS Catalina and Big Sur). Select the type of content you want to view from the source list. i.e. Music, Video, Audiobooks etc. The browse lists and song list content will change to show you only the type of items you have selected. You can narrow down the items in the song list further by making selections in the Genre, Artist and Album lists.

Once you have the selection of items you need in the song list you can play, copy or transfer those items using TouchCopy.

Searching for Music and Video

Press the search button in the TouchCopy control bar and a search box opens. Type in your search string to start your search.

TouchCopy looks for matches in the Song, Album and Artist names.

By default TouchCopy searches in the playlist or source you have selected. You can tell TouchCopy to search all the content it has on the device (music and video in all playlists and sources) by clicking the "Search Everywhere" check box.

Comparing device content with your computer's music library

TouchCopy performs real time comparisons between your device and iTunes/Music app contents. If a track is currently in your iTunes/Music app library, TouchCopy will display a tick in the iTunes/Music column next to the track.

For a full report of tracks on your device that are not in your music library, use the "Not in iTunes"/"Not in Music" report.

Browsing anything other than music and video content

If you want to view contacts, calendars, photos or notes on your iPod/iPhone/iPad - click the corresponding icon in the TouchCopy Categories List.

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