Browse your iPod, iPhone or iPad Music on your Computer

View your device's music on your computer

TouchCopy allows you to browse the contents of your iPod, iPhone or iPad from your PC or Mac computer.

You can easily navigate around your connected device's music library. By default, you'll see a complete list of songs in alphabetical order - however you can instead view your music by Album, Artist, Genre or Playlist by clicking the relevant headers in the TouchCopy Music section. You can also change the order of the music list you see by using the "Sort By" option (PC version only).

Once you have the selection of items you need in the song list you can play, copy to computer or transfer to iTunes/Music.

Search for music tracks in TouchCopy

Searching for Music

Click the search bar near the top-right of the TouchCopy window. Type in your search string to start your search.

TouchCopy looks for matches in the Song, Album and Artist names.

By default, TouchCopy searches in the playlist or source you have selected. So, if you want to find a particular song in a playlist, make sure you select that playlist before you search.

Comparing device content with your computer's music library

TouchCopy performs real-time comparisons between your device and iTunes/Music app contents. Click the iTunes header (PC) or the "Not in Music App" report in the TouchCopy Music section to view a list of any music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod which is not currently part of your iTunes library (or Music app on Mac). You can copy the music from this list into your iTunes/Music library if you want a complete library of all your music!

Read on for more information about the Not in iTunes/"Not in Music" report.

Publisher: Wide Angle Software