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Transfer Reminders from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your computer

TouchCopy allows you to transfer reminders from your iPod, iPhone and iPad to your computer. This can be handy if you want to share a reminder or a group of reminders with a friend, or if you just want to keep a copy of all of your reminders safe on your computer. TouchCopy can access and transfer reminders from all iOS devices running iOS8 or later.

Follow these steps to copy reminders from your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your computer...

  1. Download or update TouchCopy on your computer.
  2. Run TouchCopy and connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  3. On the "Reminders" tab in TouchCopy, select the reminders group that you'd like to save.
  4. Finally, click "Copy to PC" or "Copy to Mac" to transfer the reminders to your computer.
How to transfer iPhone Reminders to computer

Detailed Descriptions of the steps can be found below.

Viewing your iOS device Reminders

To view your reminders in TouchCopy, click "Reminders" from the media list on the left of TouchCopy.

TouchCopy will display a list of your reminder groups in the middle pane of the window. Click a reminder group to see all of the tasks stored within a group. TouchCopy will display the reminder name, the date of the reminder notification, and any comments that you've added to the reminder.

Copying Reminders to your PC or Mac

When a reminder group has been selected, and the list of reminder tasks are displayed in the pane on the right, you can transfer the reminder list to your computer. To do this, simply click either "Copy to PC" (if you are using a Windows computer), or "Copy to Mac" (if using a Mac). Either option will prompt you to choose a location to save the file to, then TouchCopy will copy the reminder list as a HTML file.

You can double-click the HTML file from it's location to open the reminder list in your default web browser.

Alternatively, you can copy the reminder group as a text file. Simply select a group, then click the "Save as Text" button.

Printing Reminders

TouchCopy even allows you to print off your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad reminders. This can be done by selecting a reminder group, then hitting the "Print Selected" button. Your standard print options will be displayed enabling you to print the selected reminder off.

Publisher: Wide Angle Software