What TouchCopy can do with your Internet History

TouchCopy allows you to browse through your iOS device's Internet History and Bookmarks, and allows you to save these pages as links or to open them on your prefered browser.

To view the Internet data stored on your iOS device, click the Internet button in TouchCopy.

Displaying and Browsing your Internet Data

TouchCopy displays the internet Bookmarks stored on your iDevice, as well as Safari's browsing History. Clicking on a website in the list displays the website on the right side of the window, if there is an internet connection.

You can switch between Bookmarks and History by clicking the tabs with the same name over the list. There is also a "Search Bookmarks" tab which provides you with a quicker method to find specific websites within your Bookmarks.

An image showing the internet history and bookmarks on TouchCopy

Saving and Opening websites

Select which website you want to access; you can now click on "Save as Shortcut" and select a destination to create a link file (.url) to the website you have selected. Alternatively, you can press "Open in System Browser" to open it on your operating system's preferred web browser (such as internet explorer, mozilla firefox, google chrome, safari, etc).