TouchCopy Reports

How Music Copy Reports in TouchCopy can speed up your music transfer

TouchCopy is able to generate Reports based on your iPod and iOS device content and copy history to make it easier for you to select which items need to be copied and which do not. You can select songs in the report and copy them to your computer or your Library.

Reports Section TouchCopy

Music Copy Reports created by TouchCopy:

Items Copied (PC only)

TouchCopy generates a list of songs that have either been copied to your computer or transferred into your iTunes music library.

If you have previously successfully copied songs with TouchCopy, tracks will be marked with a green tick icon under "Copied". If the song is present in your music library on your computer, it will have a blue tick icon under "iTunes". Tracks marked with a cloud icon under "Items Copied" are the songs which are stored in your iCloud library rather than your iTunes library.

Items Not Copied (PC only)

This report generates a list of songs and video that have not been copied to your computer or your music library. If songs are selected from this list and then copied, those songs are automatically removed from this report.

Not in iTunes / Not in Music App

TouchCopy will scan your iPod, iPad, or iPhone and show you the difference between the content of your device and your iTunes library (or Music App on macOS Catalina or later). You can easily select the items on this list and copy them to your iTunes library or to your Music library on macOS Catalina or higher.

Clearing Reports (PC only)

To remove all reports for the connected device, right-click any track in the music section of TouchCopy, then click the "Clear History" option.

Publisher: Wide Angle Software