How to get rid of Apple Music from iTunes Library

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How to get rid of Apple Music

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To cancel your Apple Music subscription from your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. From your home menu, find Settings > iTunes & App Stores
  2. Tap Apple ID > View Apple ID
  3. Sign in if requested
  4. Tap Subscriptions
  5. Find and Tap Apple Music MembershipÓ
  6. Tap Cancel Subscription


Apple Music is a monthly subscription service which allows you to listen to most music in the iTunes Store, whenever you want. It also provides the ability to add music from the iTunes Store directly into your iTunes library. These tracks will look and behave exactly how your other music does.

Apple are currently offering a 3 month free trial for Apple Music. This provides you with access to the extensive Apple Music Library on any device which uses your Apple ID! Members also have access to albums and playlists made to match their music taste, and the ability to listen to past shows of the Beats 1 radio show.

However, if you were to cancel your subscription, these songs would be automatically removed from your library.

If you are planning on cancelling your Apple Music subscription, but wish to keep all of the songs that you?ve added to your iTunes library using the service, Tune Sweeper could help.

Find, remove or save Apple Music in iTunes

Tune Sweeper can scan your iTunes library, and present a list of tracks which were added through Apple Music. The program will also provide a link, for each album listed, to the relevant iTunes Store page where you can purchase the album or tracks which you want to keep.

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