Tune Sweeper
Clean Up Your iTunes Library by Removing Duplicates and Fixing Track Data.
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Tune Sweeper Download

Download and try Tune Sweeper Version 4 for free today...

Tune Sweeper Free trial download for PC

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You can also find reviews and download Tune Sweeper (PC Version) from Softonic here...

Get it from Softonic

The Mac version is available on the Mac app store here...

Available on the Mac App Store

Free Demo Restrictions

The demo version of Tune Sweeper will detect and display all the duplicates in your iTunes library. The demo version will not remove the duplicates from your iTunes library. To remove this restriction, please purchase the full version of Tune Sweeper.

Download Version 3

You can still download Version 3 of Tune Sweeper for Mac and PC if you own an old version 3 activation code...

Download Tune Sweeper 3 for PC

Download Tune Sweeper 3 for Mac