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Tune Sweeper
Clean Up Your iTunes Library by Removing Duplicates and Fixing Track Data.
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Add Songs to your iTunes library

Tune Sweeper shows all the tracks on your computer that are not currently in iTunes.

Automatically search and add music on your computer to your iTunes library

There may be a lot of music in your iTunes library but you might be surprised that your computer hard disk probably contains more tracks than iTunes knows about.

Tune Sweeper quickly scans your hard disk for music that is not currently listed in your iTunes library. Tune Sweeper shows you the details of all this additional music. It's all done at lightning speed!

At the click of a button, you can add all the new music found to iTunes or just select individual or groups of tracks to add.

Finally - your iTunes library can reflect what is actually on your computer!

To get you started with Tune Sweeper, follow our handy user guide with how to add music from your computer to your iTunes library.