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Discover Statistics about your iTunes Library

Discover statistics about your iTunes library

iTunes Statistics

Ever wondered which artists you listen to the most or even which genre? Well Tune Sweeper has you covered by generating interesting statistics about your iTunes library.

Top Genres – Tune Sweeper will display your top genres in iTunes and display them in a pie chart based on the amount of songs you have in each genre. You can then share this with friends on Facebook and so your friends can see how their iTunes library matches up to yours!

Most Played Artists – As the title suggests, Tune Sweeper will display your top ten most played artists alongside how many times you have played tracks by those artists.

When your Music Collection was Released – Tune Sweeper will generate a graph showing how many music tracks you have that were released in each year. This graph can then be shared with your friends on Facebook.

Favorite Artists – Based on multiple criteria, Tune Sweeper will analyze your iTunes library and determine who your favorite artists are.

Who is your favorite artist or band? Find out this and more - check out the Tune Sweeper user guide to get started!

Tune Sweeper generates statistics based on your iTunes library.

Tune Sweeper Help

The Tune Sweeper User Guide provides in depth information on each feature of the program, should you need more information or a guide on how to get started with Tune Sweeper.

If you should have any questions about Tune Sweeper or any of its features, they may be answered already in our Tune Sweeper FAQ page. Otherwise, our friendly support team are always happy to help you out!