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Clean Up Your iTunes Library by Removing Duplicates and Fixing Track Data.

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How to Install Tune Sweeper.

1. Depending on the browser you are using, the download progress will show by clicking the download icon on the top right of your browser window...

Select Save in the browser download window

2. Once the download is complete, double click the Tune Sweeper entry in your download list...

Launch the TouchCopy installer from your browser

Alternately, you can find your Tune Sweeper download in your Downloads folder. Its called TuneSweeper.dmg. Double click this file to install Tune Sweeper.

3. Your Mac will mount the Tune Sweeper installer disk and display its content. Drag and Drop the Tune Sweeper icon into your Applications Folder as shown...

TouchCopy installer download to your PC

4. Open your Applications folder and double click the Tune Sweeper icon to run Tune Sweeper...

TouchCopy installer

How to Uninstall Tune Sweeper.

To remove Tune Sweeper completely from your Mac - simply drag and drop the Tune Sweeper icon from your Applications folder to the trash can on your dock.

Thank you for trying Tune Sweeper.

Free Download Limitations

  • With the trial version of Tune Sweeper, you can explore the app.
  • Tune Sweeper's features will display how it can clean and tidy your iTunes library, but will not perform any sweep or save the actions unless running the full version.
  • All limitations are removed in the registered version of Tune Sweeper.

Tune Sweeper is fully registered when it has been activated with a purchased activation code.

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