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Not In iTunes feature does not detect music on an external hard drive or USB drive.

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Tune Sweeper on the PC uses the Windows Search service to find music on your computer. Therefore, Tune Sweeper can only search for music in locations that are included in the Windows search settings.

It is likely that external hard drives and USB drives are not included in the Windows Search configuration. You can, however, add those drives to Windows Search:

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  • Choose Start, immediately type index, and press Enter to select Indexing Options
  • Windows 7 shows you the Indexing Options dialog box.
  • Wait until you can leave your computer alone for a few hours. Indexing a big folder can take a long time.
  • Click the Modify button.
  • Windows shows you the Indexed Locations dialog box.
  • Click the checkboxes next to the drive you want to add.
  • When you're done, click OK.

Indexing options on PC - Tune Sweeper

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