Bat Bing Purchased Tune Sweeper on Mac App Store. How do I update?

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I have purchased Tune Sweeper on the Mac App Store. How do I update Tune Sweeper?

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To update Tune Sweeper on the Mac App Store, follow these steps...

  1. Launch the Mac App Store application.
  2. Go to the updates tab. If an update is available, Tune Sweeper will be displayed.
  3. Click the update button next to Tune Sweeper.

Further Information

The version of Tune Sweeper on the Mac App store is different than that provided on our web site directly.

Tune Sweeper purchased from the Mac App store needs to be updated through the Mac App store when updates are available there. You will not be able to run activated versions of Tune Sweeper from our web site as Tune Sweeper downloaded from us requires product activation.

Update Tune Sweeper with Mac App Store

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