Purchased Tune Sweeper on Mac App Store. How do I update?

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I have purchased Tune Sweeper on the Mac App Store. How do I update Tune Sweeper?

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To update Tune Sweeper on the Mac App Store, follow these steps...

  1. Launch the Mac App Store application.
  2. Go to the updates tab. If an update is available, Tune Sweeper will be displayed.
  3. Click the update button next to Tune Sweeper.

Further Information

The version of Tune Sweeper on the Mac App store is different than that provided on our web site directly.

Tune Sweeper purchased from the Mac App store needs to be updated through the Mac App store when updates are available there. You will not be able to run activated versions of Tune Sweeper from our web site as Tune Sweeper downloaded from us requires product activation.

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Latest Comments

ignacio wrote...
I just bought tune sweeper and its not doing anything.
im clicking the search duplicates button and its doing nothing..
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@ignacio iTunes 12.2 introduces a new option that is not enabled by default. If you launch iTunes, go into preferences (crtl + ,) and select the 'Advanced' tab. There will be the option to 'Share iTunes Library XML with other applications'. Please enable this option and click OK. Once done, please relaunch Tune Sweeper and try again.
Laurent trnatd wrote...
Heli, i pourchasse tune sweeper on the Apple store and i do not have any registration code, can you help me?! Thank you for your jelp
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Laurent trnatd Please can you contact our Helpdesk for further assistance.
Shawn wrote...
Will the version 4 update be available through the Mac App store at any point. I would rather not have to repurchase the application just to get an update
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Shawn Although we do have plans to release Tune Sweeper 4 on the Mac App Store in the future, we unfortunately cannot provide a time period as to when this will become available. If you wish to upgrade to Tune Sweeper 4 at a discounted price, Please can you contact our Helpdesk for further assistance.
Ethan Woods wrote...
I tried to update the tune sweeper software and now it's asking for my activation code. The lookup function can not find my code??? Please help!
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Ethan Woods Please can you contact our Helpdesk for further assistance.
Kim.sirkka@gmail.com wrote...
Same problem
Yosemite and LATEST version of iTunes
Tune Sweeper 3.2.0 does NOT work any more ... as it did pre-Yosemite

- \"Not in iTunes finds ALL files ... although they ARE \"consolidated\" into iTunes (as they have been)
- Searching for \"Duplicates\" freezes after a while ... i.e. the icon-animation freezes and search never completes
(tried waiting till next day ...)

My iTunes library is about the same size as before ... some 23.000 tunes plus about a hundred movies, videos, audiobooks etc

Solutions ? SUGGESTIONS ??
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Kim.sirkka@gmail.com Please can you contact our support team for further assistance here...
Harvey S.Richmond wrote...
Purchased tune sweeper for Mac.Worked fine until Yosemite 10.10.1.
Please advise as to a solution.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Harvey S.Richmond Firstly, please ensure that you have the latest version of Tune Sweeper for Mac installed. If the problem persists, please contact our support staff for further assistance here...
I purchased tune sweeper which worked for the past 1+ years & now does not work.
Not sure what to do.Please check your records to verify my purchase & please send me a solution.
Thank you.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@HARVEY RICHMOND MD Please contact our support staff for further assistance here...
Edgar Boahene wrote...
Is their a significant difference from buying the Tunes sweeper from the Mac store then the website because mine is running slow to find the duplicates on my iTunes library.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Edgar Boahene The only difference between the two versions of Tune Sweeper is that the Mac App store version of the software does not require an activation code to run, only simply a purchase from the store.
Damien Wraith wrote...
I bought tune sweeper June 27, 2014 for mac and I am running Yosemite 10.10 and it is not finding any of my duplicates using version 3.2.0 Is there an update and how soon is it coming? I have atleast 4 other friends that are experiencing the same problem.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Damien Wraith Unfortunately we do not believe this to be an issue with Tune Sweeper as we have been unable to replicate this issue. Please check that you are also running the latest version of iTunes.