How does Tune Sweeper handle Playlists?

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How does Tune Sweeper handle Playlists?

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When Tune Sweeper removes duplicate tracks from your iTunes library, their entries in your playlists will also be removed.

All of your music, including music in playlists is listed in your iTunes library. When you click on one of your playlists within iTunes; the list that you will see is not a list of separate music files, but references to music currently stored in your iTunes library.

Tune Sweeper searches your entire music library. As such, when Tune Sweeper removes duplicate music files from your iTunes library, the associated entries to the files will also be removed from your playlists.

Remove duplicate tracks from playlists

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Latest Comments

charles mateskon wrote...
I purchased tune sweeper for my older pc. I have a new pc now. How do I transfer my tune sweeper to the new pc? the web site says you can us it on up to three pc's.
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@charles mateskon To do this, download the free demonstration version of Tune Sweeper onto your new PC. Once installed, please run it and then select the activate option within the application. You will be asked to enter your previously purchased activation code. Follow the onscreen instructions to activate Tune Sweeper to the full unrestricted version on that computer.
jack irwin wrote...
Is their any way to tell tune sweeper to check other hard drives for music other than the local drive....I have three other drives in my system....
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@jack irwin Tune Sweeper will only search through the iTunes libraries. If your hardrive containing iTunes libraries please make sure iTunes is displaying the iTunes library you want to be searched. Here are some relevant support articles: and

If the problem still persists please contact our Helpdesk for further assistance.
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Mel Martin Sorry you have encountered this problem with Tune Sweeper. All items that are removed will be put into the Trash or recycling bin where you can restore them straight away. This might have occurred because the version on the App Store is an older version of the product. We are looking into adding the newer version to the App Store. You should be able to request a refund for this purchase through Apple.
Mel Martin wrote...
Just bought this app from Mac app store. It deleted several Cds which were not duplicates. Many of the playlists have been emptied out. Why is this? My music is on a NAS... I have a backup of my library, but this is kind of a mess....
Gayle Gould wrote...
YIKES. New to iTunes; been using it only 6 months. If I have two tracks alike, and one was sent to a playlist, I don't know if the playlist will still play the remaining track if the one sent was removed. Maybe just a case of newbee ignorance. Anyway, I'm about to find out.
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Gayle Gould Usually playlists reference the file in your music library rather then creating another copy of the file.
John Whyle wrote...
I'm currently evaluating TS. Do I purchase a 4th dupe remover or not???
The 'remove yet replace in playlist' is a feature that Song Sargeant has [which I like, but I'm still waiting for my first 'cleaning' that works!!]
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@John Whyle Hello,

Like that article says our product currently does not remove duplicates in playlists. However we are constantly developing and improving our products.