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Can I change the iTunes library that Tune Sweeper reads?

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To change your current iTunes library, follow these steps...

  1. Launch iTunes whilst holding the "shift" key down (PC) or the "option" key (Mac).
  2. Select the iTunes library that you wish to use.

Further Information

Select a new iTunes library

Tune Sweeper works with the iTunes library that iTunes is currently displaying. So if you have multiple iTunes libraries you should point iTunes to the library you want to process with Tune Sweeper before starting Tune Sweeper.

Tune Sweeper is not finding my iTunes library

If your library is not being found, you can set the library location manually on Tune Sweeper:

PC: Once Tune Sweeper launches, go to File and then click 'iTunes Library Location'.

Mac:Once the 'Intro' page is displayed within Tune Sweeper, please click Tune Sweeper 4 in the menu bar and then click 'iTunes Library Location'.

This will allow you to set the location of your library that you wish to use. Please note that this must be the library loaded into iTunes. Selecting a different library could result in data loss.

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