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Activation Code Lookup

This page allows you to retrieve activation codes for software purchased on Wide Angle Software's webstore.

Please note that purchased activation code will be available on our lookup service for up to 5 years. Please keep copies of your purchased activation codes in your personal records for safekeeping.

To begin, enter your purchase email address. If your activation code is found you will also be provided with download links for your previously purchased software.

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Gift IconValid Products

The following products are stored in our database:-

  • TouchCopy
  • Tune Sweeper
  • iBackup Extractor
  • Music Tag
  • Duplicate Sweeper
  • Droid Transfer
  • PDF Converter
  • Contact Transfer

If you made a purchase on the Microsoft or Mac app store, you won't receive an activation code. Please simply download your purchased software from Microsoft or Apple after purchasing.