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My iBackup Extractor activation code does not work.

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If your iBackup Extractor activation code does not work, follow these steps...

  1. Check that you are running the correct version of iBackup Extractor that matches your activation code.
  2. Make sure that your copy of iBackup Extractor is updated to the latest release.
  3. Use our registration lookup service to check that the code you have matches the code we have on our records.
  4. Otherwise, you can contact us quoting the error that is displayed when activation fails.
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Further Information

If you have purchased iBackup Extractor, or have upgraded from "iBackup Extractor 2" to "iBackup Extractor", please ensure that you're using the latest iBackup Extractor version on your computer.

iBackup Extractor activation codes start with IBPF for PC; or BEMT for Mac.

If you purchased the previous version of iBackup Extractor (iBackup Extractor 2), you can download it here:

As our PC and Mac software are developed separately, you cannot use a Mac code on a PC, and vice versa.

For more information about activation, check out How to activate iBackup Extractor.

Please note that iBackup Extractor 2 activation codes cannot be used to activate the latest version of iBackup Extractor, as this version of the software has since been discontinued. If you wish to upgrade your iBackup Extractor 2 license to the new version "iBackup Extractor", please contact us. We may be able to help get you upgraded with a discounted price!

If you cannot find your original registration code, you can retrieve your registration details for your products purchased from Wide Angle Software, based on your email address. Here you will also be able to download your originally purchased software.

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