iBackup Extractor - User Guide


Welcome to Wide Angle Software's iBackup Extractor User Guide. This document will guide you through the steps to using the iBackup Extractor app on Windows PC or Mac.

iBackup Extractor is designed to find all your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad backups stored on your computer and to provide easy access to the data stored in them.

iTunes (or Finder if you are using macOS Catalina or higher) creates a backup of your iOS device data whenever it syncs to your device. Or you can manually create a backup of your device. With iBackup Extractor, you can browse through the contents of these backups, without needing to connect the device itself.

With a single click, you can extract any file from your iOS device backup. Simply download and install iBackup Extractor, choose the file you wish to extract and click "Copy".

This user guide will walk you through how to use iBackup Extractor and all of its features. Continue to our Quick Start Guide to get started!

Retrieve images from your iPhone backup

What can I access and copy with iBackup Extractor?

Audio Media Voice Memos, Voice Mails
Visual Media Photos (Camera Photos, Selfies, Portraits, Panoramic, Screenshots, Recently Deleted, images received in messages), Videos
Other Content Messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, LINE), Contacts, Call Logs, Notes, Calendars, Safari/Chrome Bookmarks, Safari History, Files

To find out more about any of these features, use the menu at the top of your screen on mobile, or the menu to the left on your computer.

Free Trial Download Limitations

System: With iBackup Extractor, you can access content in any backups of your iOS devices, and extract the content to your computer.
You can use iBackup Extractor on a Windows or Mac computer. Check out our full tech spec to check if iBackup Extractor is compatible with your system.

Download: The trial of iBackup Explorer allows up to 20 items to be transferred. View the full list of iBackup Extractor trial limitations.

Purchase: All limitations are removed when you activate the software by purchasing an iBackup Extractor activation code.

See the iBackup Extractor Terms and Conditions for more information.