Retrieve Internet History from iPhone Backup

Your iPhone's browser, Safari, does a great job of saving your internet search history and your bookmarked pages. iBackup Extractor allows you to browse through your backed-up iOS device's Internet History and Bookmarks and allows you to save these pages as links or to open them on your preferred browser on your PC or Mac.

Save iPhone internet bookmarks to computer

  1. Download and Install iBackup Extractor.
  2. Start up iBackup Extractor by double-clicking the iBackup Extractor icon on your desktop.
  3. Select a backup from the list of available backups which you would like to access.
  4. To view the Internet data stored on your iPhone backup, click the Internet feature.
  5. Select the bookmarks you would like to save, and click "Copy as Shortcuts" or "Copy to Mac".

Displaying and Browsing your Internet Data

iBackup Extractor displays Bookmarks, as well as your Internet browsing history (PC-only) stored in iTunes or Finder backups of your iOS device. Clicking on an individual bookmark, or a website in your browsing history in iBackup Extractor loads the website on the right side of the window. To load the selected page in your default browser itself, simply click "Open in browser".

You can switch between Bookmarks and History by clicking the tabs with the same name over the list. Safari, Chrome and Edge Bookmarks are supported, as well as Safari Browsing History.

Saving Internet History and Bookmarks

Select the bookmarks or history you wish to export. On PC, use the checkboxes next to each folder or record to select them. On Mac, you can select multiple records by holding cmd on your keyboard while clicking them.

Selected bookmarks and browsing history can be exported to a file on your PC or Mac by clicking the following buttons in iBackup Extractor:

  • Copy as Webpage - creates an HTML file containing your bookmarks or Internet browsing history.
  • Copy as Shortcuts / Copy to Mac - save your chosen bookmark or a website in your browsing history as a shortcut on your computer. A .url file will be saved on PC; whereas a .webloc file will be saved on Mac.
  • Copy to CSV - export your bookmarks or browsing history to a spreadsheet format. You can view CSV files in spreadsheet apps like Microsoft Excel.

You'll finally be prompted to choose a location on your computer to save your file/s to.

Save internet bookmarks and history from iPhone backup

Please note that browsing and saving Internet History is currently not available in the Mac version of iBackup Extractor. However, you can browse and save your Internet Bookmarks as shortcuts, as described on this page.