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How to view and access iPhone backup files

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How to view and access iPhone backup files

iBackup Extractor allows you to access and view iPhone backup files. You can view files within backups on your Windows PC or Mac computer.

By default, making a backup of your iPhone, using iTunes or Finder, to your computer, will create a folder full of unreadable content. Check out our support article if you would like to find iPhone backups on your PC or Mac. To view files from your backups in a readable (and copy-able) format, you need a helping hand from a piece of software like iBackup Extractor.

Detailed Information

If you've ever synced your iPhone with iTunes (or Finder if you are using macOS Catalina or higher) on your computer, a backup will have been made of your device, which contains your iPhone photos, messages, contacts, notes and other iPhone data. iBackup Extractor allows you to access the contents of the backup, and even extract files from the backup to your computer in a readable format.

When you launch iBackup Extractor on your computer, you can choose which backup you would like to explore from the list shown.

Access iPhone backups on your PC or Mac

Select the backup which you'd like to browse the contents of. The backup will be loaded, and you can explore!

Click the category links on the left-hand-side of the program to browse the different media contained within your backup. When viewing backup data in iBackup Extractor, you can extract data to your computer. For more information on how to copy files from the backup to your computer, check out our iBackup Extractor user guide.

If you don't see the data that you need within the media categories (e.g. Contacts, Images, Messages etc.), open the 'Backup Explorer' tab (PC) or the 'Explorer' tab (Mac). This tab will allow you to view all of your files in a folder-file format.

Access iPhone files and folders on your PC

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