How to retrieve WhatsApp messages from iPhone backup

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How to retrieve WhatsApp messages from iPhone backup

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iBackup Extractor can recover SMS, MMS, iMessage and WhatsApp messages from a backup of your iPhone.


Follow the steps below to extract messages sent or received through WhatsApp, from an iTunes backup of your iPhone...

  1. Download, install and launch iBackup Extractor.
  2. Select a backup of your device from the dropdown list.
  3. Click the Messages Tab to view all messages stored in the backup.
  4. From the list of contacts, scroll down the list to find the WhatsApp heading.
  5. Click a contact from under this heading to open your conversation with them.
  6. Hit "Copy Selected Conversations", and choose where to save to on your computer.
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Detailed Information

If you need to recover your WhatsApp conversations from a backup of your iPhone, you can extract them using iBackup Extractor.

How to retrieve WhatsApp messages from iPhone backup

Once iBackup Extractor is installed and open, you'll be able to see a list of the backups currently on your computer using the backups dropdown menu.

Select the backup which contains the messages that you need to retrieve, and iBackup Extractor will load it up.

Now, you can explore the backup using the media tabs on the left of the application. Check out what images, contact, messages etc. is available in this backup.

Hit the Messages tab. You'll see a list of contacts with whom you have had message conversations with. Scroll down the list to find the WhatsApp heading.

Clicking on any contact under this header will show you all messages which were exchanged with this person using WhatsApp. When a contact has been selected, simply click the "Copy Selected Conversations" button to copy the conversation to your computer. Your standard window will appear, asking where you would like to save the file to. Once a location has been selected, click OK!

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