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Does iBackup Extractor read Encrypted backups?

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To read encrypted backups using iBackup Extractor, follow these steps...

  1. Download, install and launch iBackup Extractor.
  2. Select the backup that you would like to read.
  3. Enter the password used to encrypt the backup.
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Detailed Steps

Yes, versions 2.00 and later of iBackup Extractor do read encrypted backups.

Please update iBackup Extractor to the latest version here.

For iBackup Extractor to be able to read your encrypted backup, you will need to enter the password you used to encrypt your backup in iTunes, at the screen below.

Access encrypted backups to copy data to computer

After you have correctly entered your password, a full access to your iTunes backup will be given and you can use iBackup Extractor to view and extract data from your backup as shown in the iBackup Extractor User guide.

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