Troubleshooting purchase issues

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Troubleshooting purchase issues

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There is nothing more frustrating than having read up on a product, looked through reviews and made the decision to make the purchase, only for you to be blocked at the last hurdle. This article presents some of the issues that our customers have faced when attempting to make a purchase from our store, and how to resolve them.

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My Debit / Credit card is not being accepted

  • Double check that you have input your card details correctly.
  • Try a different card.
  • Try PayPal instead (you can check out as a guest on PayPal if you don't have an account).

My screen freezes when I choose PayPal

  • If your screen seems to freeze when you choose the PayPal option on our Store, it may be that the PayPal pop-up has been blocked. If your browser has blocked the pop-up, you will not be able to continue with the process.
    To resolve this, simply allow the pop-up on your browser. You can do this by finding the pop-up blocker icon in your browser, and choosing to allow the popup from PayPal:

    Checking out with PayPal

  • If the pop-up is allowed, and you are still not presented with the pop-up window, it may help to try a different web browser. Different web browsers include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, FireFox, Safari...

If you are still having issues...

If you have tried the above options and are still unable to complete your purchase, please purchase through MyCommerce instead:

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Laura Dewar wrote...
I don't work, trying to save my text messages, it doesn't work
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Laura Dewar Please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk detailing which product you are using. We will then be able to resolve any issues experienced.