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My TouchCopy activation code does not work.

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If your TouchCopy activation code does not work, follow these steps...

  1. Ensure that you are running the correct version of TouchCopy that matches your activation code.
  2. Ensure that your copy of TouchCopy is updated to the latest release.
  3. Use our free registration lookup service to ensure that the code you are trying matches with the code we have on our records.
  4. If the problem continues to persist, contact the Wide Angle Software helpdesk quoting the error that is displayed when activation fails.
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Further Information

Please ensure that you're using the latest TouchCopy version.

TouchCopy 16 activation codes start with TP16 or RP16 for PC, and TM16 or RM16 for Mac. If you purchased TouchCopy12, you can upgrade to TouchCopy16 with a 50% discount here.

TouchCopy 12 activation codes start with TP11 for PC and TM11 for Mac. If you purchased TouchCopy 11, you can update your software to TouchCopy 12 free of charge. The activation procedure requires that you are connected to the Internet while activation takes place. Also, check that no firewall software on your computer is blocking TouchCopy from accessing the Internet. If your problems persist, you may need to temporarily disable your firewall software while you register TouchCopy.

TouchCopy 09 registration keys for PC start with TCP9 and for Mac they start with TCM9. Registration keys for TouchCopy 09 will not work with TouchCopy 12.

Registration keys for TouchCopy 07 and iPodCopy will not work with the newer versions of TouchCopy. Also, activation codes are different for PC and Mac versions of TouchCopy.

If you cannot find your original registration code, you can retrieve your registration details for your products purchased from Wide Angle Software, based on your email address. Here you will also be able to download your originally purchased software.

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Latest Comments

Farnaz Mahallati wrote...
I have new PC I Need to reactivate my account
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Farnaz Mahallati Please use our free online activation code lookup service to retrieve your activation code.
Christian wrote...
I get error code 7 when activating touch copy 16.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Christian Error code 7 occurs when the entered password is incorrect. I have reset your password and emailed your new one to you. Please be sure to check your junk folder in case the email has been incorrectly sent there.
Pamela wrote...
I bought touch copy in 2011, it won't let me download it. I don't have to repurchase again do i
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Pamela You can download TouchCopy 12 from the relevant download link at the bottom of the TouchCopy download page. You will not need to repurchase your purchased version. The newest version, TouchCopy 16, is however a paid upgrade from TouchCopy 12 and will require a new activation code to be purchased.
John Ibekwe wrote...
My touchCopy activation code
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@John Ibekwe You can lookup any purchased activation codes online using our free activation code lookup service.
Ganabathy Pillai wrote...
I need to upgrade to 16 from 11 which is not working, I read there is a 50% discount although I thought the 11 was one off for the rest of the period. Could you please let me know the cost please.
Thank you
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Ganabathy Pillai The lifetime versions of our software entitles you to free updates for your purchased version. TouchCopy 16 is an upgrade however rather than an update. You can claim your 50% discount by clicking here. This will tell you the price of the upgrade after the discount has been applied.
Lynn Cowley wrote...
How can I change my email address
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Lynn Cowley Please submit a support ticket on our online helpdesk detailing your current email address and previous address. We will then be able to update this for you.
Dustin T Yu wrote...
Dear Wide Angle Software,
I would like to request for re activation of Touchcopy 12 or activation for=
latest version if you would allow. I reformated my PC again.Hoping for your
r favorable response. Many thanks
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Dustin T Yu Please see the response to your support ticket where we have provided you with a new password to use as our system is displaying several invalid password attempts for your activation code.
Andrew Barton wrote...
The software is not recognising the activation code you sent me.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Andrew Barton Our records are showing that you have since been able to successfully activate TouchCopy using your purchased activation code. If this is incorrect, please submit a support ticket on our online helpdesk and we will be able to assist further in getting you up and running with TouchCopy.
Rob wrote...
Ok, so let me understand what I am reading below from wideanglesoftware. I bought and paid for TouchCopy version 12 and have been a happy user. Apple comes out with a new version of iTunes and wideanglesoftware elects not to support it with TouchCopy 12 and make us purchase the new TouchCopy 16? Am I missing something here?
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Rob Please see the response to your support ticket. TouchCopy 16 includes more than just iOS 10 compatibility, including better performance, a new interface and new features. This is mainly thanks to the new modern frameworks and technologies used within TouchCopy 16, which would not have been possible within TouchCopy 12. Also, TouchCopy 12 has currently received 5 years of free updates, including many compatibility updates for what were new versions of iOS in their time.
John Parks wrote...
I have had a hard drive crash and reinstalled Touch Copy 12. My activation code does not work Error Code 99
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@John Parks Our records are showing that you have since been able to successfully reactivate TouchCopy using your purchased activation code. If this is incorrect, please submit a support ticket on our online helpdesk as one of our support team will be able to help resolve this issue.