How to download and install TouchCopy on a Windows PC.

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How to download and install TouchCopy on a Windows PC.

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To download and install TouchCopy on a Windows PC, follow these steps...

  1. Download TouchCopy installer from the TouchCopy download page.
  2. Open the TouchCopy installer on your PC.
  3. Follow the displayed prompts to complete the installation.

If you have not done so already, you can download TouchCopy from here:

Download TouchCopy Now

Detailed Steps

You can download the newest version of TouchCopy for PC or Mac here.

1. Depending on the browser you are using, a windows should appear like this one. Click "Save". TouchCopy will then download to your PC.

Select Save in the browser download window

2. Once the download is complete, click "Run" to start the TouchCopy installer.

Launch the TouchCopy installer from your browser

3. Alternatively, you can start the TouchCopy installer by double clicking the downloaded installer package. Depending on your web browser, the installer will either either have been downloaded to your Desktop or your Downloads folder. Double click on the TouchCopy installer to start installation.

TouchCopy installer download to your PC

4. Work through the on screen prompts of the installer by clicking next.

TouchCopy installer

5. Once installed, you can run TouchCopy by double clicking the TouchCopy icon on your desktop.

TouchCopy icon on the Desktop

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Latest Comments

Chris wrote...
I have an extensive iTunes library that fortunately was saved to my Classic iPod before my old laptop crashed. when I installed iTunes on new computer, only songs in iCloud show up. If I used your product to restore my library from my iPod, would it cause any problems with those iCloud songs already on my computer?
Wide Angle Software logo
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Chris Copying your tracks into iTunes using iTunes will not affect your tracks that are currently in your iCloud Library. As such, it will not cause any problems with your existing iCloud songs.
Robin wrote...
Having difficulty installing program...please help! I have windows Vista. I hit download. Download completes. Tried save and open. Nothing happens. Can't locate the downloaded file. Really frustrated...any ideas
Wide Angle Software logo
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Robin You downloads should be saved to the downloads folder which you can find in the file explorer. Please try opening the download from their directly. Please also check you have the latest installer If the problem persists please contact our helpdesk at
John Daniels wrote...

I want to purchase Touchcopy for PC ( Windows 7 ) and download it immediately --not have it shipped since I am on holiday and want to use it whilst I am here . Instructions please Many thanks
Wide Angle Software logo
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@John Daniels All of our products are digital and no physical product is shipped. Firstly download the trial version of TouchCopy. Once you have purchased TouchCopy you will be sent an activation code that can then be used to activate the trial version to the full unrestricted version. Please see the How to Activate TouchCopy 12 support article for more information on the activation process.