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What are the TouchCopy trial limitations? (Evaluation period)

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TouchCopy PC and Mac downloads are the free trial versions of TouchCopy. The trial has the following limitations (demo restrictions).

  • Copying of music and videos is limited to 100 copies in total.
  • iPod and iPhone photos, contacts, calendars, notes, messages and voice memos can be viewed using the trial. To copy any of these a full version of TouchCopy is required.
  • The trial lets you browse files on your iPod Touch or iPhone, but to copy or add files to your device, the full version is required.

All limitations are removed in the registered version of TouchCopy. Fully registered software will run indefinitely and can be used with an unlimited number of iPods, iPhones and iPads.

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For a full list of trial vs paid features, please see the table below.

Feature Free Version Full Version
View all device files on computer (music, photos, messages, calendars, call logs, contacts, internet, notes, reminders, voicemails, file manager)
Play music on computer
Copy music to computer Up to 100 tracks only*
Copy music to iTunes Up to 100 tracks only*
Copy playlists to computer / iTunes Up to 100 tracks only*
Set computer wallpaper to a device photo
Copy photos to computer
Copy photos to Photos app (Mac)
View and order SMS, MMS, WhatsApp and iMessage, including attached images and emojis
Save messages and attachments to computer as HTML, PDF or text files
Print messages
Browse device calendars
Copy calendars to computer as Vcard (Windows) or iCal (Mac)
Copy calendars directly to Mac Calendars app (Mac)
Call Logs
Copy call logs as HTML, PDF or text files
Print call logs
Browse and sort contacts
Copy contacts to computer
Copy contacts directly to Outlook and Contacts apps (PC)
Copy contacts directly to Address Book app (Mac)
Save Internet History or Bookmarks as shortcuts
Copy notes to computer
Print Notes
Copy Reminders as HTML or text files
Print Reminders
Voice Mails
Copy Voice Mails
Copy Files to computer
Add files to device
Delete Files from device

* shared restriction. Copies to computer and iTunes are both taken from the 100-track pool.

So now you know what TouchCopy can do for you, why not take it for a spin with the free trial? Or if you've heard enough, grab yourself a licence!

Download TouchCopy Trial Buy Full Version
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