Tune Sweeper failed to remove duplicate tracks from iTunes

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Tune Sweeper failed to remove duplicate tracks from iTunes.

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If Tune Sweeper detects duplicates but then fails to remove the duplicate music from iTunes please check the following...

There are two things to check here:

- Ensure you have read/write permissions for the music files on your system. If the music files are read-only Tune Sweeper will not be able to remove them from your system.

- Ensure that the files you are attempting to remove from your iTunes library are not items just stored on iCloud (tracks with the cloud symbol next to them) as Tune Sweeper will not be able to remove those items.

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Latest Comments

Todd M Nuhfer wrote...
I have recently purchased the upgraded version of Tune Sweeper yet I still cannot locate and remove duplicate copies of songs from my itunes playlist. For some reason I have multiple copies of songs in my playlist (some 2 or 3 copies and some even more). It is very cumbersome to go in and remove them automatically but when I run your software it finds maybe 10 songs if I am lucky that are duplicates but I have hundreds/thousands. Any help or direction would be appreciated.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Todd M Nuhfer Please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk detailing which versions of iTunes and Windows you are using. Also, please confirm as to whether you have duplicate tracks in your main iTunes library or duplicate entries within your playlists.
Michael Robinson wrote...
tune sweeper cannot find the itunes xml file and neither can I. I am told to click on "share xml library within itunes." I do that and I still get the same notice in tune sweeper when I start it
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Michael Robinson Please ensure that you have installed the latest Tune Sweeper 4 update as this should resolve the issue.
Tim Bour wrote...
I am getting repetitive duplicates that are not being removed when I run Tune Sweeper. It shows up as an album under "Cybersecurity and Technology" with multiple copies. I don' recall ever adding these nor can I find them anywhere in the Itunes Library. Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Tim Bour
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Tim Bour Please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk and one of our support team will be able to assist you further with this issue. Please be sure to include which version of Windows and iTunes you are running.
thomas wrote...
I receive error Code when starting Tune Sweeper. "Beim Lesen Ihrer iTunes-Mediathek trat ein Fehler auf".
But I just created new iTunes linrary from stratch. What can I do?
adam nelson wrote...
I have over 1400 undeletable tracks with a runtime error/rpc server not responding - error message. I paid $25 for this? what can i do??
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@adam nelson Please try making your Keep Selection Preferences more strict to reduce the amount of duplicates returned. If you then remove these and repeat the process while reducing the restrictions, you will eventually get back to your original search with less duplicates returned. This will help to prevent the out of memory error and still enable all duplicates to be removed.
Hugh OConnor wrote...
I have tunesweeper for MAC, and Ican see lots of duplicates in my iTunes, but your software keeps saying no duplicates.
i have found the came with my pc, which Ihave a sperate licence
This is very frustration and I feel quite misleading about what I have paid for.
I have a lot of music , and wan to get the result of removing duplicates.
Please advise what I am doing that can be changed.
my email will show hte regiratratrion of both pieces of softtware
Stephen Wilcox wrote...
I bought this program and it found over 44,000 copies to delete. I have all music stored on external 1TB hard drive and want to keep all music on hard drive. I have loaded all the music at one time or another and should have full rights to play them. I don't know why I can't delete copies...if this will not work for me I want a refund. The only reason I bought this software was to save time and now am beginging to think that just hand deleteing them would have been faster... windows 10 64bit.......please advise
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Stephen Wilcox You may need to run indexing for your external hard drive so that Tune Sweeper can remove the files. https://www.wideanglesoftware.com/support/tunesweeper/not-in-itunes-feature-does-not-detect-music-on-an-external-hard-drive-or-usb-drive.php

It might also help to run the program in administer mode as it could be that you do not have the correct permissions set up on files to remove them. It could also help to increase Tune Sweepers searching criteria so less duplicates are returned at a time. This should prevent the product from freezing while removing duplicates.
peter mehling wrote...
tune sweeper did not remove duplicates with a 1, 2, or 3, after them. also paid for touch copy as recommended without success. Can you help?
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@peter mehling This is because Tune Sweeper will compare two tracks as being the same if they have the exact same name. It might help to use Tune Sweepers Fix Track Info section for correcting this. Tune Sweeper should then display them as being duplicates with the correct names.
Steve Doyle wrote...
I have run duplicate remover and have identified 1040 duplicates. I have tried to remove these but the Tune Sweeper states cannot remove 1056 of them? It is trying to remove more than it identified? When I look into details it states RPC server not available? Can you assist please.

Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Steve Doyle Please contact our Helpdesk for assistance in this matter. Please can you provide details of what operating system you are using and where you iTunes library are stored.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@James Marshall Hello,

It might help to close all other applications except for Tune Sweeper while removing duplicates. It could help to increase the search strictness so less duplicates are found and then slowly relax the strictness until you are back to your original search.
Matthew Cook wrote...
just purchased, know I have duplicates, and it says it fails to find any. MacBook Air is brand new, I've adjusted all the settings per the FAQs. Help please.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Matthew Cook It could help to reduce the strictness of your search to a low as possible. This will allow Tune Sweeper a greater range to search for. If the problem persists please contact our helpdesk at www.wideanglsoftware.com/helpdesk
Bruce wrote...
One song says get permission and is holding up the entire process for removing duplicates on my MAC