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Restoring your iOS device from a previous backup.

iBackup Extractor enables you to easily browse through your backups and restore your iOS devices from a previous backup.

Please Note: This functionality is only available in the Mac version of iBackup Extractor.

Restore your device from an existing backup...

  1. Start up iBackup Extractor from the Launchpad on your Mac.
  2. Select the backup that you wish to restore from, using the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Restore from the top-right corner of the iBackup Extractor window.
  4. Connect the device that you wish to restore.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Follow through the compatibility and comparison checks, then click Continue on the Confirmation step to proceed with the restore.
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Restoring data from a Backup:

iBackup Extractor allows you restore your iOS device from a previous backup it has found on your computer. To get access to this functionality, simply select the backup you want to restore from the dropdown in iBackup Extractor. Then, click "Restore".

Create a backup of your device using iBackup Extractor

Connect the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you're trying to restore. Click on "Continue" at the screen below, following which iBackup Extractor will read the connected iOS device and determine whether the selected backup is compatible with it.

Restore your device from a backup using iBackup Extractor

The program will then display a comparison between the source backup and the device connected, including the name of the device, the Type, and the firmware version. iBackup Extractor will only allow you to restore your iOS device using a compatible backup.

Restore your device from a compatible backup

If you choose to continue, a Confirmation menu is then displayed. As displayed, everything on your device will be replaced by the data in the selected backup, so please make sure you wish to proceed before pressing Restore. Keep in mind that your music, unlike the rest of your device's data, is not contained in the backup, meaning you need to re-sync your device if you wish to add it again.

Restore backup will replace all data with that from the backup

The device will then have all of its data restored. This process can take a few minutes. When your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch has been successfully restored, a message will be displayed informing you of the operation's success.