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Save & Print iPhone Messages

  • Transfer iPhone Messages to Computer.
  • Export Text Messages to PDF.
  • Print SMS with Dates and Times.
  • Save Message Attachments,
    Images, Videos, Audio, and More.
  • Supports SMS, MMS, iMessage & WhatsApp.
Copying messages from iPhone to computer with TouchCopy
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Transfer messages from iPhone to computer

Backup All Messages on iPhone

Transfer messages from iPhone to computer

Whether you need to backup some precious messages, or print out important conversations for legal reasons, TouchCopy makes it easy.
Access and export all the popular messaging types right from your PC or Mac:

  • ✔   SMS - Standard text messages
  • ✔   MMS - Multimedia messages
  • ✔   iMessage chats
  • ✔   WhatsApp conversations
  • ✔   LINE messages
  • ✔   Group messages

Your choice of export types

Print Text Messages From iPhone

Print iPhone messages

Print your iPhone conversations for safekeeping, business archives or legal matters.

TouchCopy prints out all essential details in your messages, including sent and received texts, attached media such as emojis and photos, contact information, as well as the times and dates of message exchanges.

Customize your printouts by choosing the date ranges, contact information display, font size, and even a compact layout for the economically-minded.

Learn more about how TouchCopy prints your messages >

Print iPhone messages

What is included with messages in TouchCopy?

  •   Contact details (picture, name, number)
  •   Time and date
  •   Images, Emojis and Videos
  •   Audio messages
  •   Shared locations and Contact Cards
  •   Links, and other shared files

See it in action

Watch the demo to see just how easy it is to copy your iPhone messages using TouchCopy!

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