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Copying call history from iPhone to computer with TouchCopy

Save and Print iPhone
Call History

  • View your iPhone Call Logs
    from your computer
  • Copy Call Logs to computer
  • Save as PDF, CSV or HTML
  • Print out your Call History
  • Recent WhatsApp, FaceTime
    and Teams calls supported
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Retrieve iPhone Call History

Save History of Your Calls

Retrieve iPhone Call History

iPhones only hold your 100 most recent calls, so you need to save them regularly if you don't want to lose them. Keep a record of your iPhone call history, for your reference or perhaps for a legal reason, with TouchCopy. View and save the history of your iPhone calls made on many apps including:

  • ✔   Phone
  • ✔   FaceTime
  • ✔   WhatsApp
  • ✔   Skype
  • ✔   Microsoft Teams

Your choice of export types

Export individual or all call logs

How to Copy Call History from iPhone to Mac

Choose whether to export call logs from a single contact, or from all contacts. You can even choose to save a separate file for each contact, or to consolidate all your call history into a single chronological document.

How to save iPhone call history to computer >

Transfer call logs from iPhone to computer
Print iPhone Call Logs

Print out Call Logs

Print iPhone Call Logs

Make a hard copy of your iPhone call history with TouchCopy. Print out call logs from a single contact, or a complete history of all contacts. Exports and printouts include all important information:

  • ✔   Contact name
  • ✔   Contact number
  • ✔   Date call was made
  • ✔   Call Duration
  • ✔   Answered / Unanswered / Missed

See it in action

Watch the demo to see just how easy it is to copy your iPhone call history using TouchCopy!

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