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Transferring books from iPhone to computer with TouchCopy

Transfer iBooks to
your Computer

  • Access iPhone, iPad and iPod
    books on your computer.
  • Supports both PDF and EPUB
    formatted books.
  • Copy books from your iOS device
    to your Mac or PC.
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Transfer iBooks to computer

Transfer iBooks from iPhone, iPad and iPod to computer

Transfer iBooks to computer

Big on books? You may want to access your iBooks on your computer as well as your iOS devices. This is great if you want to read your favourite titles on a bigger screen, or even if you want to back up your books to your computer and delete them from your device to make space.

Natively, this transfer is not possible, but TouchCopy makes it easy. Check out our step-by-step guide how to transfer iBooks to computer.

How to copy iBooks to PC

If you have the Books app installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can use TouchCopy to access and copy them to your computer.

No matter whether your iBooks are in PDF or EPUB format, you can copy them with TouchCopy.

Exported PDF books can be read in your computer's PDF viewing software. Exported EPUB books can be viewed in the Books app on a Mac but may need a third party EPUB viewer to be installed on a Windows PC.

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How to copy iBooks to PC