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How to Transfer Books from iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes

How to Transfer Books from iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes

iBooks Backup

Please Note: This functionality is only available in the PC version of TouchCopy. Books are no longer available if you are using iTunes 12.7 and onwards as books were removed from iTunes.

If you are in the process of changing a computer or have bought a new iPod, iPhone or iPad, you may be wondering how to transfer content from your old computer or iOS device to a new one. TouchCopy is an essential utility in these situations and can help you transfer everything from your iPod or iOS device; your music, playlists, photos and now even iBooks.

Viewing and Copying Books

With TouchCopy, you can backup books downloaded using Apple’s iBooks App from your iOS device straight into iTunes. TouchCopy can handle EPUB formatted eBooks.

Once you have safely transferred your iBooks to iTunes, you can easily use iTunes to re-sync these to your new iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad which will load them to your new device.

For more information on how to transfer iBooks to computer, please see the TouchCopy User Guide.

TouchCopy is a free demo download for PC and Mac and it is compatible with all iPod, iPhone and iPad models. TouchCopy does not perform any jailbreaking or modification of your device.

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Backup all content from your iPhone, iPod and iPad with TouchCopy, including the following...