Export iPhone Contacts to Computer
Backup all your iPhone content to your PC or Mac

Transfer Contacts and More
from iPhone to Computer

  • Save iPhone Contacts as VCards
  • Export all Contacts to a CSV file
  • Copy directly to Outlook,
    Windows Contacts, or Address Book
  • Backup all iPhone content
  • Available for PC and Mac

Transfer Contacts and More from iPhone to Computer

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Backup iPhone Contacts to computer

Backup iPhone Contacts

Backup iPhone Contacts to computer

Transfer contacts from your iPhone address book to your computer safely and easily with TouchCopy. Browse your contact information through your computer, archive your contacts, or copy them straight into a contact management app!

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Copy iPhone contacts to PC or Mac

Export your contacts in a choice of formats, including CSV for precise spreadsheet management. Or if you have a favourite contact management app on your computer, transfer directly to there.

Transfer iPhone contacts to new iPhone
Transfer iPhone contacts to new iPhone

After exporting iPhone contacts to computer, you can then use iTunes to sync those contacts to a new iPhone.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone >

Alternatively, if you don't wish to use iTunes, you can transfer contacts directly between iPhones, Android phones and PC using the powerful new PC software Contact Transfer.

See it in action

Watch the demo to see just how easy it is to copy your iPhone Contacts using TouchCopy!

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