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My iPod/iPhone is formatted with the Mac file system, can I transfer my music from the iPod to the PC?

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Are you using an iPod Touch or an iPhone?

  • TouchCopy for PC will be able to detect your iPod and transfer your iPod content into iTunes or to your PC hard drive.

Are you using a standard, click-wheel iPod?

  • In this case, Windows cannot read the Mac file system format on these devices natively. When iTunes in Windows asks you to restore the iPod - it wants to format it using the PC file system format, at which point you'll lose your music.

The Mac, on the other hand, can read Windows PC formatted disk drives and so will work with either PC or Mac formatted iPods. Therefore, TouchCopy for Mac will work with either Mac or PC based iPods when running on a Mac.

If you still have access to a Mac, you can backup your music on the Mac using TouchCopy for Mac. Then you'll need to format your iPod to a PC. Then, please use iTunes on the Mac to reload your music back on your iPod. Finally, you can use TouchCopy for the PC to transfer your music from your iPod to your PC.

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