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My iPod/iPhone is formatted with the Mac file system, can I transfer my music from the iPod to the PC?

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Are you using an iPod Touch or an iPhone?

  • TouchCopy for PC will be able to detect your iPod and transfer your iPod content into iTunes or to your PC hard drive.

Are you using a standard, click-wheel iPod?

  • In this case, Windows cannot read the Mac file system format on these devices natively. When iTunes in Windows asks you to restore the iPod - it wants to format it using the PC file system format, at which point you'll lose your music.

The Mac, on the other hand, can read Windows PC formatted disk drives and so will work with either PC or Mac formatted iPods. Therefore, TouchCopy for Mac will work with either Mac or PC based iPods when running on a Mac.

If you still have access to a Mac, you can backup your music on the Mac using TouchCopy for Mac. Then you'll need to format your iPod to a PC. Then, please use iTunes on the Mac to reload your music back on your iPod. Finally, you can use TouchCopy for the PC to transfer your music from your iPod to your PC.

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Latest Comments

David Frickel wrote...
I paid for full touchcopy for 2 computers. I downloaded to my iphone first but when I try to download to my PC, I am told the activation code is incorrect, it should start with something beside TM.
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@David Frickel The Mac and PC versions of TouchCopy are considered to be separate products. As such, your Mac activation code will not be valid for the PC version of TouchCopy. I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.
Ned Wahl wrote...
I'm trying to copy my IPOD classic to my new PC. It keeps telling me to format the IPOd, but warns that it will delete everything. I have your new software, new ITUNES, a new PC, and the Apple Portable service enabled. Classic is OLD. HELP!
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Ned Wahl Please confirm as to whether your iPod Classic was originally used on a Mac. If so, your Windows computer will be unable to read the iPod Classic without first formatting it. As mentioned, this will wipe the data meaning the data cannot be copied using TouchCopy.
i purchased TouchCopy16(PC), when I enter my activation code and password for the the first and all future attempts, I the message that my password is invalid.
I have a click wheel ipod created with a Mac but I am now using a PC
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@ERNEST C. WILSON Our activation server is displaying several invalid activation attempts and is stating that that the new password you are creating is greater than 16 characters in length. Please set a password that is no longer than 16 characters in length and contains no spaces.
Claire wrote...
I copied photos from my iPhone but the date on the photos are the data I copied the photos and not the original date the phots were created. Is there an option to keep the original date. It leaves organizing the photos a lot more difficult if the photos have al the same date.
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Claire Windows may automatically set the created date as the date that the image was copied to your PC. It may be beneficial to copy the Photos from the Files section of TouchCopy.
Cath Scott wrote...
I have 2 iPod classics, one has music downloaded via iTunes on a mac - the other has music downloaded via Touchcopy using a Windows PC. I bought the lifetime version of Touchcopy and want to know the following:

1. Can I install the second licenced copy of Touchcopy on the Mac?
2. I want to combine the music from both iPods on one iPod and store the library on the Mac, if I install Touchcopy on the Mac will it allow me to do this without overwriting the existing library? Both iPods are the classic versions.

Thanks in advance.
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Cath Scott Please view the response to your support ticket for detailed information on this.
Ron wrote...
Itunes 12 says it does not recognize my ( Margo Buttons) iPod
Need refund
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Ron Please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk detailing the issue and providing the email address used to purchase TouchCopy. Once of our support team will then be able to assist.
Barbara Smith wrote...
I need help. I don't understand how to use the software. Can I please talk to a person?
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Barbara Smith Please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk and one of our technical team will be able to assist in getting you up and running with TouchCopy. Please be sure to provide additional detail on which aspects you require assistance with as this will better enable our support team to provide the appropriate assistance.
Thomas Sperandeo wrote...
I have an iPod loaded with music using Windows iTunes. I want to transfer the music to my Mac and ultimately iPhone which is formatted with Apple iTunes. Is this possible with Touchcopy?
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Thomas Sperandeo I can confirm that if your iPod is Windows formatted, TouchCopy on Mac will be able to read and copy your music data from this device into iTunes on your Mac. You will then be able to sync this music to your iPhone using iTunes.
Julian J Rosales wrote...
How load the music to my pc computer?
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Julian J Rosales If your iPod is Mac formatted, TouchCopy will be unable to copy your music from your iPod to your Windows PC. This is because Windows is unable to read the Mac formatted file system of classic iPods.
Melissa Junken wrote...
When first researching which software to purchase for helping me transfer all my music on my iPod to a new PC I'd bought after my Mac crashed, Touchcopy's sales page made it look like their software would work perfectly. There were no clear warnings about the software not working if my iPod had been formatted for/on a Mac (which ours was). Only after I shelled out the $30 to purchase Touchcopy, and found that it did not recognize my iPod, did I find out (after digging around on the "support" page) that Touchcopy wouldn't recognize my Mac-formatted iPod. So, I just wasted $30! Touchcopy needs to be up-front in warning customers that depending on their model of iPod, and if their iPod was formatted for a Mac, their software won't work.
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Melissa Junken I am sorry to hear that this is the case. We provide a free demonstration version of all of our software (including TouchCopy) for the purpose of allowing users to evaluate the software and ensure that it will meet their requirements before committing to a purchase.

If you have purchased within the last 30-days, you will be covered by our 30-day refund policy. Simply contact our online helpdesk requesting a refund and one of our support team will be able to process the refund for you.