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How to setup a second iTunes library on the same computer and copy my iPod music to it.

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To create a second iTunes library and copy your iPod music to it, follow these steps...

  1. Launch iTunes whilst holding down the "Shift" key.
  2. Choose to "Create Library".
  3. Download, install and launch TouchCopy.
  4. Connect your iPod to your computer via the USB cable.
  5. In TouchCopy, click "Backup" and then select to "Backup iPod content into iTunes".
Download TouchCopy here

Detailed Steps

If you have multiple iPods or iPhones in your household and wish to have each device synced with its own iTunes library, here is an easy way to create a second iTunes library on the same computer.

  • Open iTunes on your computer while holding down the "Shift" key.
  • Select "Create Library" from the pop-up menu box that appears.
  • Create a new iTunes library

  • Create a name for the new library and click "Save." iTunes will open the newly created library.
  • You can then copy your iPod or iPhone music straight to your new iTunes library using TouchCopy, as detailed in the TouchCopy User Guide.
  • Alternatively, copy your iPod music to your hard drive and populate your new iTunes library from there by clicking on File and choosing "Add folder to Library" in iTunes.
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Latest Comments

Jason Hamlin wrote...
Greetings: When I copy to my PC, TouchCopy shows 10,412 items, but stops at 5,842 items (which is "z"), and does nothing further, but when I press "X" button it acts like everything was copied, and nothing is missing. Have I done something wrong? Please help. Sincerely, Jason...
Kevin wrote...
I tried copying my iPod to iTunes library only to find out that my iPod was wiped clean and i cannot find the files anywhere on the mac even though it said copy was successful. any suggestions? extremely disappointed.
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Kevin If a copy to iTunes was performed, the tracks should be listed within iTunes and the files should be within your iTunes media folder. If performing a copy to Mac, the files should be copied to the selected folder or a folder labelled TouchCopy on your desktop (depending upon the option selected).

TouchCopy uses read-only methods when accessing and copying music your from device. As such the iPod should not have been wiped. Please ensure that iTunes did not sync with or restore your device. Please also ensure that the device is ejected safely before disconnecting.
Anthony wrote...

I have installed Touch Copy and have tried to Copy songs onto iTunes. However, even though it says the copy was successful, and they show up as copied when my device is plugged in, the transfer is not showing up in iTunes. I also tried transferring to my PC and this also shows that it was done successfully, but the transfers do not show up in my music folder on my PC. Can you please advise to what I may be doing wrong?
Wide Angle Software logo
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Anthony When transferring to PC if you have not specified a location the files will be saves in a folder on your desktop. Please check you have the latest version of TouchCopy installed and iTunes is up to date. For iTunes please check that you are viewing all of your music and not just "Purchased". If the problem persists please contact out helpdesk. www.wideanglesoftware.com/helpdesk
kathy kelly wrote...

i had touch copy for pc and loved it. problem is pc got stolen along with all my back up drives. replaced with macbook pro. my ipod had been synched with a pc before. will there be any problems if i get the mac version to back my itunes library onto my macbook from my ipod (classic, color, video)?
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@kathy kelly I do not foresee any problems in doing this. I can confirm that TouchCopy for Mac will be able to read your PC formatted iPod. You can find out more information here.

I would recommend downloading the free trial version too as this will display all of the content that can be copied.
NancyConstantine wrote...
i have an ipod that was orignally sync with a mac. i want to download all my songs on another computer pc not a mac and have a 2nd itunes library. Can i do this with this program?
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@NancyConstantine Please see the following support article for further assistance in this matter...
melanie wrote...
i want my itune sacond work
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@melanie Please contact our support team here for further assistance.. http://www.wideanglesoftware.com/cgi-bin/ttx.cgi