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How to combine or merge different iTunes libraries?

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To merge iTunes libraries which may be on different computers, or on external drives, follow these steps...

  1. Copy any music currently on your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your iTunes library on your first computer using TouchCopy.
  2. Load your iTunes library from your first computer or external drive to your iPod, iPhone or iPad, by syncing your device with iTunes.
  3. Then use TouchCopy to copy your music from the device to your iTunes library on the second computer.
  4. Load your newly merged iTunes library back to your device with iTunes.
  5. Use TouchCopy to copy the newly merged library back to your first computer.

If you have not done so already, you can download TouchCopy from here:

Download TouchCopy For PC Download TouchCopy For Mac

Detailed Steps

If you have different iTunes libraries on two computers, or external hard drives and you wish to have all your iTunes music in one place, TouchCopy can help you...

1. Copy music from your chosen iOS device

This process will use a mixture of copying files from iPhone/iPod/iPad to your computer, and syncing music from computer to the device (for this example, we'll be using an iPhone).
Syncing to your device will replace what is currently stored on the device with what is being synced to it. As such, the first step you need to do is copy all the music from your chosen device to your computer.

To do this, launch TouchCopy on your computer and connect your iPhone using your USB cable. Click Music, then Copy to iTunes to copy all music from the iPhone to your iTunes library on the computer.

Transferring music from iPhone to iTunes with TouchCopy

2. Sync the library from your first computer to your iOS device

Next, use iTunes to load up your iPhone with music from your first computer.

Now that the iTunes library on your first computer contains the music it had already, as well as the music on your iPhone, sync all that music from iTunes to iPhone.

Sync music from iTunes to iPhone

3. Merge the iTunes libraries

Once your iPhone contains all the music from your first computer, use TouchCopy to copy music from the device into iTunes on your second computer, which effectively merges your iTunes libraries.

To do this, launch TouchCopy on the second computer, connect the iPhone, access the Music section, then hit "Copy to iTunes".

Once done, iTunes on this second computer will contain all the music from both libraries!

4. (Optional) Update the first computer's library with the newly collated library

Finally, use iTunes on your second computer to re-sync your device, which will put your merged music library onto your iPhone.

If you would like to have your merged music library on your first computer as well, simply use TouchCopy on your first computer to copy your device's music to it (connect your iPhone with TouchCopy on the first computer, then use "Copy to iTunes").

Purchasing the lifetime version of TouchCopy allows you to install the software on two different computers. TouchCopy can be used with an unlimited number of iPods, iPhones and iPads.

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