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After copying files to my iPhone using TouchCopy, how do I view the files on my iPhone?

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TouchCopy is a powerful iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad File Manager allowing you to copy files to and from an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad - turning these devices into external hard drives.

Once you have copied your files to your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad with TouchCopy, these can only be viewed while TouchCopy is running on your PC or Mac with your device connected to your computer. You will not be able to view these files directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

You may be able to install third party applications to your iPhone from the iTunes app store that will allow you to browse files on your iPhone, including files added to your iPhone using TouchCopy.

Viewing and accessing files on iPhone.

Please see our user guide for more information on how to copy files to and from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, effectively turning your device to an external hard drive.

If you haven't got TouchCopy yet, you can try our free trial, allowing you to see what you can copy from your devices, as well as being able to transfer up to 100 music tracks.

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